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When the Rumors Don’t Match the Studio’s Capabilities

Daybreak’s recent layoff shakeup caused a lot of people (myself included) to sincerely doubt the future of their portfolio. Inevitably, whenever layoffs like this occur, some people take to the internet and do a little “tell all” — usually on Reddit. This has been no exception.

An unnamed ‘leaker’ took to Reddit with a post about what’s happening with EverQuest, Planetside, H1Z1/Just Survive, etc.

Here are the highlights:

  • H1Z1 limping along
  • Just Survive probably sunsetting
  • Planetside 2 limping along
  • Planetside 3 in development as a battle royale / territory builder
  • EverQuest & EverQuest 2 are getting final expansions
  • Everquest 3 is in development again to compete with Pantheon and will be a team-based battle royale pvp game
  • DCUO still exists

Okay. Let’s get real here for a second.


Daybreak… Yikes

It seems my unease over EverQuest’s future may have been valid after all. Today it appears many (reports of 70-100) of Daybreak’s employees have lost their jobs due to “realigning our [Daybreak’s] workforce to better position our [Daybreak’s] company for the future.” From the looks of things on Twitter, it’s just about anyone who had a name and face. To be blunt, it may be only the skeleton crew of CSRs and people necessary to keep the games running who are left.