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No Premium, No Loot Boxes, No Battle Royale

Every marketing and PR professional in the gaming industry working on a AAA title is salivating at the opportunity to come out and say their game has none of the stuff that pisses people off. 

Battlefield 5's announcement delivered on just that.

No Premium Pass, no Loot Boxes, and just to be a little provocative there's no Battle Royale either -- yet. The spin is already out there that the Grand Operations mode has some sort of last-man-standing built in, and also the talk of a battle royale-ish mode possibly coming in the future.


What I'm mostly bummed about is the setting. Not that I dislike WW2 or anything. There was a time when I was pining to get out of the futuristic modernism we were stuck in, but I'm not sure I want to go back to WW2 either after the past few years. What I really want is a truly normal modern era. I don't want high-tech guns or anything -- just modern.

There's going to be a co-op mode, but all of the details right now are hush. 

DICE or EA, or whoever is the name we say when we're talking about the decision makers, are also spinning ways to keep people playing and involved. They've come up with this new concept called "Live Service" or "Tides of War" to keep people playing an ever-unfolding game and experience. Cutting past the new names, it's basically what they did with Battlefront 2 but HEAVEN FORBID WE REFERENCE THAT, so I wont'. It's free content added regularly, with a neat new name.

I'll bite and give it a shot. It's hard to be too disappointed by a $60 purchase when it's an EA/DICE game. But I enjoyed Battlefront 2 so wtf do I know?

  • And so the merry-go-around comes around again.

    Diablo 3’s Seasons, Guild Wars 2’s Living Story Season 1 (which got taken out and mercy killed when the dev teams just couldn’t keep up any longer), Path of Exile Leagues, Hitman’s episodic content and Elusive Targets, or simply updates/patches/events/festivals as many other games term the continual introduction of new content over time…

    Not really a new concept by a long shot, but imo, one of the better ways to keep players who like your game playing, or at least, coming back regularly to check out new content.

    • I think it works for me. Reasons to keep me coming back if I stop playing, or reasons to keep me playing if their cadence is quick enough.

  • So they are trying to do the GTA V thing where they add new content in multiplayer where you can get it all for free but its speeds things up if you pay for the equivalent of shark cards?

    Its what I get out of the Live Service thing.

  • Why are people so sour about these modes in new games? The reason said mode became popular was because people enjoyed it. Always blows my mind when the “internet hive-mind” gets upset over something as simple as iterative (or not) modes being added into multiple games.

    Sounds neat, though. The Battlefield franchise still stands as one of my favorites on PC, so I am hopeful. Not too excited about the era, but who knows!

    • ::shrug:: I personally don’t care about game modes. If they add a Battle Royale, cool. I usually like the lesser-liked ones like Titan mode from past games. I think the only thing you’ll catch me disliking is same-ism without innovation simply with the hope that it’ll drive more sales.