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Diablo 3 Season 14 While I Wait for BFA

This weekend — maybe the last week — has been really, really hard to get any time in to game. Diablo 3’s Season 14 launched on Friday at 5pm, and I was all set to get in there any level up my Barbarian. Between family stuff that came up and work, I had wasn’t able to play until this afternoon. Things didn’t quite go according to plan, but despite that I was able to hit level 70 and actually get many of the items I need to start my build.
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Paladins on Switch: Our Early Impressions

We picked up Paladins on the Switch when it came out two days ago. I hadn’t played Paladins previously on PC or console, but I had hard a little bit about it. Full disclosure, I’ve never had the best experience with games made by Hi-Rez. I was extremely hesitant. In fact, it took a little convincing from Graev combined with the general idea that it was like Overwatch, and the idea of having that type of experience on the Switch was appealing to me.

Turns out, there’s a lot more to Paladins than you might think — at least a lot more than I thought. That’s why I felt compelled to write up our thoughts on the game to share with you guys in a sort of review-meets-info post.

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E3 2018: PC Gaming Show

I had to watch half of the PC Gaming Show while driving over to Graev's where I was able to catch the rest with him. Was this the very first year for this showcase? I liked it. I think fair exposure for PC gaming at E3 is always a plus. The entire event is so skewed towards console games -- not that I personally mind that these days -- that it's nice to see a bit the other direction. I thought Day9 did a nice job hosting.

Read on for our thoughts on specific games shown.

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E3 2018: Nintendo Direct

For several years now Nintendo has taken a different approach to E3 with their pre-recorded Nintendo Direct presentations. For better or worse, they're at least a lot less cringey. As a result, they're also much lighter on presentation.

Nintendo's pace this year clipped really fast for all but the last game, so we only got micro-tastes of what they showed. Here are our thoughts on all the games shown.

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