When You Have to Play an MMO Alone – Do You?

Unfortunately, I think I’m the last of my friends playing on Coirnav. You may recall that when I started this adventure that I was only keen on idea if I had people to play with me. Between PixARK capturing the hearts and minds of the community, Project 1999 pulling the hardcore away, and even the loss of a family member, it just hasn’t been in the cards for our crew.

I’m debating if I should stick it out on my own and keep my subscription going. I’m a cleric, so finding groups won’t be hard. I could probably even find a guild. The question I’m asking myself is whether or not I even want to do any of that, or if I should just fold and keep playing these drop-in-drop-out games. There are plenty more even releasing next week.

I usually think these topics are a bit much, but I’ll ask anyway. How do you play MMOs? Do you play with friends, or a guild, or go solo? How do you make it work when you’re the only person you know playing a MMORPG and you don’t have a support group with you? MMOS are mostly dead, and I haven’t had to think about this for over 12 years. I’ve had friends playing new releases, or whatever side MMO we’ve decided to play together.

Reason I’m contemplating this has nothing to do with EQ, really. I’m looking ahead to the next two years when I see a few MMO-ish titles coming out. I wouldn’t be able to get Graev to play another MMO to save my life, and I’m betting many of my friends are still WoWbies or 100% anti-MMO. The last MMO I went into completely alone was probably 12+ years ago. If Camelot Unchained or any other MMOs come out that I want to jump into, I want to maximize that experience and not have it thwarted by going solo.


Pre-Launch – Do You Really Care About Lore?

Let's talk about pre-launch hype info for a MMORPG, RPG, or really any type of game. When a game is still some ways from launching, developers tend to start getting into the news cycles by releasing tidbits about lore.

Whether it's a backstory about one of the races, a profile on how a certain enemy came to be, the history of a dungeon, or even a novel about the game world as a whole, there always seems to be some emphasis on lore.

Personally, I really don't respond to it. Do you?

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Moonlighter: Be an RPG Shopkeeper by Day, Adventurer by Night

Have you heard of Moonlighter? If you love the idea of being an RPG shop keeper stocking your shelves, crafting more wares, but still going out on adventures to make it all possible,  then you're exactly like me -- and you should be paying attention!

The game is officially coming out May 29 on Steam, GoG, Windows 10, and Xbox One, and PS4. Back in October of 2017 they announced a Switch version, but it appears that won't be coming out until sometime later.

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Getting Creative in PixARK

I was suuuuper excited to learn that I could pick people up using the talons on my Pteranodon! When I discovered this was possible, we quickly put it to work for us.

By picking up my friends, we were able to kite the Argentavis!  These massive birds are extremely aggressive, and really dangerous under normal circumstances. As you can see pictured above, we used a Pteranodon to keep the Argentavis just out of striking range while the guy being carried pummels it with sleeping darts.

Some clever kiting around our base usually landed those birds sleeping in a safe spot after about 20 arrows.

We were able to tame a small army of them, and even leveled off a few of them in order to make the Argentavis saddles.

I'm having lots of fun figuring out lots of unorthodox ways of surviving this treacherous dinosaur world.


Commentary on Grouping

While I was grouping in EverQuest in Unrest tonight (an activity I’ve spent more time doing than I’ve played most MMORPGs all combined), I thought about grouping and the nature of group etiquette. These days, that idea of forming a group of people by requesting certain classes in a chat channel is gone. The days of having to find replacement members, whether for yourself or the healer leaving, are gone. Gone too are the days of group etiquette, or having etiquette or social play really mean anything.

Our tank just randomly had to leave tonight. That meant the group was essentially hindered — even paralyzed — until we could find a replacement. That action ultimately lead to the group breaking up. That person essentially hurt a lot of people’s evening plans. Many would say that it’s no wonder such a practice has been done away with, in favor of automatic group queues. Continue reading