The State of WoW Pre-8.2

What has the elusive Keen been up to these past few weeks? Honestly, I'm immersed in WoW. There are those who will exclaim, "Heretic! That's not old school! It's a…


Playing MMOs After Their Prime

MMOs are always healthiest right around that launch window in the first three months. The community is fresh, the game is relatively unknown, and the excitement levels are always highest…


Back to the Basics

I stopped blogging for several weeks after several other weeks of being in it half heartedly. I think the lost drive can be attributed to many things, but mainly the…


We Bought Diablo 1 on GoG

Something magical is happening. Diablo 1 just came out on, and Warcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 are on the way. They're re-releasing with upscaled graphics and Windows 10 support.I…


Losing a Corpse in MMORPGs

Corpse runs are an MMO tradition. The impact of death, however, and those corpse runs can be an extremely sensitive subject. The Pantheon twitter asks the following:If your character died in…


Zelda: Link’s Awakening (2019 Remake)

We were watching the Nintendo Direct the other day for the Nintendo Switch, and while the games list was decent, it was coming to a close without any 'wow' moments.Then…

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