We’re Hyped About Fortnite

We are really excited about an upcoming game called Fornite. Fornite can best be described as a RPG survival tower defense game with base building, crafting, harvesting, destructible environments, and player progression. Yeah, it’s really quite vast and vague all at the same time.The gist of the story here is that 98% of the world has […]

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Which Loot System is the Best?

Loot is complex in multiplayer games. I myself waffle back and forth on this subject probably every year. The big issue at hand is how much loot impacts more than what simply drops and whether you get it. Loot rules impact community, economy, progression rates, retention rates, and essentially the entire flow and dynamic of […]

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Should I Get ARK?

I need some input from our readers! I’m considering getting Ark since it’s 50% off on Steam. Good idea? Bad idea? Why? Here’s what I see in my mind’s eye when I think about ARK: I’m riding on the back of a dinosaur in the wild chasing after other dinosaurs. I have a really cool […]

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