Max Setting Graphics or Performance Gameplay?

I think this is a really important topic for MMORPGs. Do graphics matter more than performance? Do you have to have maxed out graphics to enjoy the game? Do graphics themselves even matter -- if so, how much? 

Pantheon's Twitter strikes again with a great question on this subject.

Do you crank the graphics up to max in the games you play for the best visual experience or are you more of a performance type of player with low to medium settings?
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I Haven’t Decided How I’m Going to Consume Content in BFA

I'm still trying to decide how I want to consume content in BFA. By that I mean whether or not I'll raid at all (beside Raid Finder) or if I'll just do Mythic+ dungeons. 

I'm going to avoid any sort of "progression" raiding. That is to say I'm going to avoid a group that meets 2-3x a week for 3+ hours a night to raid. 

The thought of pushing myself into a set schedule and having to play that drama game again doesn't appeal to me. But... I like the adventure.

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MMOs and the Their Future Use of Virtual Reality

VR exploded quite a bit in the last two years. It sort of slowed a bit, probably to let the tech catch up a little, but it hasn't gone away.

The Pantheon twitter asked the following.

Virtual Reality - Which side of the fence are you on, do you think Virtual Reality is the future of gaming or will it be a passing trend?

I'm going to tailor my thoughts a little more towards MMOs, but they'll apply to gaming in general as well. 

I think VR as it is currently implemented is a bit of a passing trend. Heavy helmets the current controllers aren't going to remain this way and accelerate to mainstream adoption.

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How I Would Have Done WoW’s BFA Pre-Patch

I was able to run through the next phase of WoW's BFA pre-patch content today, and I have a few thoughts on how I would have done things differently.

The BFA pre-patch event has gone for almost two weeks now. Week one was the removal of artifacts, class balance changes, etc. Week two they added the first wave of the quests leading players to Darkshore where the Alliance and Horde are once again fighting each other as the War of the Thorns: Chapter 1.

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We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Shenanigans

My wife and I just returned from a week long trip to Arizona to visit with family. After a week of barely any internet, I can say it's great to be back in the land of the wifi and cellular connections.

For whatever reason, I really underestimated how bad the internet connections would be at both the Grand Canyon and the northern Arizona mountainous areas. Checking email was almost an exercise in futility. Thus, my grand plans of blogging and staying plugged in failed miserably.

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What Are You Playing This Weekend?


I'm keeping things pretty simple this week. I'm dabbling in WoW trying out different Paladin specs to see how I want to level up my character. I know I'll go for holy as main spec, but it was a toss up for me if I would level as ret or prot. After the last few days of testing, I think I'll go for prot.

I'm also playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep so that I can move on to 2.8 before KH 3 comes out early next year.


I'm playing Octopath Traveler on the Switch. I'm not too far into the game yet but the story is okay I guess. Combat is good -- it's turn-based.

What are you guys playing?

MMORPGs and Realism

Today's question from the Pantheom MMO team is all about realism.

How real to life do you like your MMORPGs to be, is there a limit between how much game worlds should include real-world elements and if so, what are they in your opinion? - Pantheon Twitter

I strongly prefer fantasy games over sci-fi, or modern games. Within fantasy I highly prefer "high fantasy" with lots of magic. So naturally, my answer to this question is going to lean way towards the side of very little if any 'reaslism'.

The problem with adding realism into a game, particularly a MMORPG, is that the realism added ends up being the tedium of life we're all trying to escape. There's also the inability to translate pleasure.

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