QuickCast #12 – Discussing Fortnite

Subscribe: iTunes / Google PlayThis week’s second episode is up!We’re pretty hyped about Fortnite… and a little critical of a few business model decisions they’ve made. You can read more about those decisions in our preview of Fortnite.​What do you think about their business model decisions to make a F2P game have release with early […]

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QuickCast #11 – Catching Up On 3 Weeks

Subscribe: iTunes / Google PlayWe have a lot of catching up to do!We were MIA for 3 weeks due to some scheduling conflicts, but we’re back with two back-to-back episodes of the QuickCast.This episode is a catch-upisode discussing the games we’re playing.Graev’s plate is loaded full of games from the Steam Summer Sale, Humble Bundles, […]

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We’re Hyped About Fortnite

We are really excited about an upcoming game called Fornite. Fornite can best be described as a RPG survival tower defense game with base building, crafting, harvesting, destructible environments, and player progression. Yeah, it’s really quite vast and vague all at the same time.The gist of the story here is that 98% of the world has […]

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