We Bought Diablo 1 on GoG

Something magical is happening. Diablo 1 just came out on GOG.com, and Warcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 are on the way. They're re-releasing with upscaled graphics and Windows 10 support.I…

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Losing a Corpse in MMORPGs

Corpse runs are an MMO tradition. The impact of death, however, and those corpse runs can be an extremely sensitive subject. The Pantheon twitter asks the following:If your character died in…


Saving the world once again in ECO

Remember ECO? It’s that sandbox game built to educate kids/people about how your actions impact the world and environment around you. Our community of friends played exactly one year ago…


Getting back into D&D

I took some serious time off from gaming for a bit these past few weeks. I still played games, but compared to the hours I used to put, it was…

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