Battlefront 2’s Ewok Hunt Impressions

Battlefront 2's Night on Endor Update went live today, and with it the new Ewok Hunt game mode. From what the news says, this game mode is for a "limited time." In fact, that wording is everywhere they mention the mode, so they're either trying a little hard to get us to play quickly, or it really is going to disappear fast.

The Ewok Hunt mode is really fun! I ended up streaming it for about an hour tonight.

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Dino-Riders or Dinosaurs (TV)

I was talking with the guys on our PixARK server today about my plans for what I want to do next in the game. 

I've decided I want to build a base on the back of a brontosaurus! That has always been a goal of mine, even before I bought the game, but now it's time to make this a reality.

How's that going to happen? Well, on our server the brontos are on a different continent. That means we'll have to tame some massive manta-dino and strap a platform on its back. Then we'll have to tame a bronto and walk it onto that platform, and 'sail' it back to our continent. 

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Exploring the World on the Back of a T-Rex!

The title of this post pretty much says it all. According to Steam I’ve put in 53 hours into PixARK so far, and it really feels like I haven’t scratched the surface.

Progression was really slow at first. We were surviving (well, mostly) with spears and wood logs. We were running from just about every monster imagineable. Then we started taming some dinos. It started slow with Ptero, which basically allowed us to mow down bunny rabbits. Then it grew to bigger game.

Using our strategy of carrying a player in the Ptero’s claws, we advanced to taming Argentavis. Those bigger birds basically allowed us to protect ourselves against most predators who might wander into our area, but most important to hunt things like Gem Spiders and other monsters in that tier. From there, it was only a few days until we were in the big game.

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Sea of Thieves to Add More Content

Sea of Thieves devs are aiming their cannons directly at the game's biggest critique: A lack of content. People savagely critiqued the game for simply being an empty world with nothing to do once the novelty of being a pirate wears off.

While I agree with this lack of 'things to do' to a certain extent, I will push back and say that people have largely forgotten what it means to have fund and make your own fun and content in an open world where players are the content. Regardless, Sea of Thieves devs are attempting to remedy this problem.

How? With more content, and an attempt to create a content/patch cadence for updating the game to bring more for players to do. 

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