Paradox is Turning Video Games into Board Games

I saw this and thought I'd share beacuse I think it's super cool. Paradox Interactive is turning some of their video game IPs into board games!

"It just got to the point where it became so abundantly clear that there [were] so many cool opportunities. People were coming to us in droves asking if we could make board games. We looked at that and said this is a a really cool way not necessarily to make tons and tons of money... But to expand what our IPs are and how people play them."
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My Wife’s Updated Review of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game came out for for mobile devices about a month ago. I quit playing within a couple of hours (technically days, but since you can only play for like 10 minutes at a time it spreads out pretty thin).

My wife on the other hand has played the game almost every day since and has tried her darnedest to enjoy the "game" while also not spending any money -- something she does in every single game she plays.

I thought her desire to update her thoughts on the game would have to do with the game being F2P, but it turns out she's quite the critic! There's a whole lot more on her mind.

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What’re You Playing This Weekend?

I've had a lot to play lately -- that's always an awesome feeling. This weekend I've decided to put in some time on the following:

  1. WoW - Ret Paladin progress
  2. Stardew Valley - Nintendo Switch playthrough with my wife
  3. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Finishing up the Ventus storyline
  4. Pillars of Eternity 1 - I started my very first playthrough last week as a Paladin
  5. Albion Online - Steam launched, playing with Graev
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Paladin Might be that Simpler Class I’m Looking for in WoW

This past week we talked about the idea of over-complicated gameplay as it pertains to class rotations, ability usage, mechanics, etc. It was that idea that I didn’t like having a split second decision to manage multiple cooldowns and min-maxing abilities that really required a UI mod to make it happen.

I really wanted to make a Paladin sometime and was debating waiting on BFA to make one, but then I decided I mighta s well make one now because the grind for gear at an expansion’s end doesn’t matter to me, and now is as good a time as any to find a class to experiment with — that way I’m not stuck playing alt after alt when the expansion drops.
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