Did you hear? Dauntless has lots of players.

Dauntless is in open beta. You may remember it as that game being streamed by people who were given access if they would stream it together. It quickly fizzled out into obscurity after the closed beta wasn’t well received.

Now it’s in open beta, and apparently it underwent some big changes to try and make it a little more like Monster Hunter. All I remember from the streams I watched (I have not played it myself) are the horrible sounds. I probably wrote a post about how my ears would bleed when I watched people play.

But lots of supposed good changes have made people flock to give it a shot. After all, it’s F2P. And what would a F2P game be without devs touting the registered player numbers? In case you weren’t aware, people like to try new free games.

The newness and freeness have brought about some pretty insane queues. There are 100,000 people in the queue right now. The Dauntless subreddit is basically memes about how bad things are when having to wait to play.

I’m sure those people would love to watch other people play, but since the game is so good now they’ve only allowed a handful of “partners” the right to stream the game. Those players believably love the game.

I really don’t have a point to this, other than my odd fascination with the entire process. The game wasn’t very good in closed beta, regrouped, only lets approved people show it off on Twitch, has a queue of 100,000 people, and then touts how many people are playing. It all makes complete sense.


No Premium, No Loot Boxes, No Battle Royale

Every marketing and PR professional in the gaming industry working on a AAA title is salivating at the opportunity to come out and say their game has none of the stuff that pisses people off. 

Battlefield 5's announcement delivered on just that.

No Premium Pass, no Loot Boxes, and just to be a little provocative there's no Battle Royale either -- yet. The spin is already out there that the Grand Operations mode has some sort of last-man-standing built in, and also the talk of a battle royale-ish mode possibly coming in the future.

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Paradox is Turning Video Games into Board Games

I saw this and thought I'd share beacuse I think it's super cool. Paradox Interactive is turning some of their video game IPs into board games!

"It just got to the point where it became so abundantly clear that there [were] so many cool opportunities. People were coming to us in droves asking if we could make board games. We looked at that and said this is a a really cool way not necessarily to make tons and tons of money... But to expand what our IPs are and how people play them."
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