Daybreak… Yikes

It seems my unease over EverQuest’s future may have been valid after all. Today it appears many (reports of 70-100) of Daybreak’s employees have lost their jobs due to “realigning our [Daybreak’s] workforce to better position our [Daybreak’s] company for the future.” From the looks of things on Twitter, it’s just about anyone who had a name and face. To be blunt, it may be only the skeleton crew of CSRs and people necessary to keep the games running who are left.

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Blizzard on Class Development Locking In Before Expansion

These past few days I’ve been weighing my options for a return to that game that must not be named. I’m looking at classes and considering my options for an uber-casual “do the story stuff and see what happens” return, as so many of you have encouraged in your replies to my recent MMO posts.

While browsing around forums and fan sites I came across a statement from community manager Kaivax where he says that class development is pretty much done for Battle for Azeroth.

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I Need a New MMO Before I Make a Big Mistake

I’m starving for an MMO to play. I love PixARK and the myriad of other games I’m playing, but I just can’t go long without a dedicated MMO to log into. That’s a dangerous place for me to be in, believe me. When this happens every 2 years or so, you know the game I go back to and always hate myself over as a result.

I dabbled for two weeks on EQ’s Coirnav server. Given recently events over whether or not it’ll be legal for people to do business with them anymore, I don’t feel the greatest amount of security investing any time into the game.  If you’re curious what’s going on, some Russian’s assets are frozen and that involves Columbus Nova which is the company someone is going around the internet and deleting any associates to Daybreak. If you’re confused, I think the internet is too. Google it up to learn more. Yeah, maybe I won’t play EQ right now until we see how this shakes out and who else they’re sold to in the near future.

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What’s Your Favorite MMORPG Class?

Yesterday I asked what your favorite MMORPG race was and why, so today I’m going to ask you about MMORPG classes. Instead of asking you to pick just one overall favorite, I’ll let you pick a few classes  you think are really cool, unique, or awesome enough in their design/idea that you think of them as a favorite .

When you list a class, I want you to explain why and share a little about that class. Many of us may have never tried the classes you think are cool, or even played the games they’re from.

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What’s Your Favorite MMORPG Race and Why?

Here's an easy question for you all, but I hope it has some really cool implications.

What's your favorite MMORPG race and why? 

It can be a current MMORPG you're playing, or one from 20+ years ago. You can pick something as straight forward as 'Human' or obscure as a Wookie. They key is to tell us all WHY you're picking that race to be your absolute favorite MMORPG race of all time.

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