Tossed Upon the Waves By a Monstrous Storm in Sea of Thieves

Whether Sea of Thieves enough content is up for debate, but what isn't debatable in my mind is how amazing this game is at creating heart-pounding moments of adventure.

Tonight I was sailing around islands capturing chickens and pigs for the Merchant's Alliance when I was suddenly overtaken by a tremendous storm. "No big deal, I can weather this one," I thought.

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ARK: Survival Evolved is Coming to the… Switch?

I wasn’t expecting this one — ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to the Nintendo Switch. I… don’t really know what to say. Every time a new game is announced, I repeat myself by saying, “Switch is having the best year ever.”

According to the announcement from the devs, ARK on the Switch will have all of the same features as the other console versions — including the multiplayer! That alleviates any concern of a dumbed-down version.

My concern is performance. The Switch, though an amazing piece of hardware, is not as powerful as a PC or other current-generation consoles. I can’t get ARK to run well on my PC at all, so how is it going to run on my Switch? 480p 15fps?

We’ll just have to see how it turns out. If they manage to pull off a smooth running, feature rich version of ARK on the Switch, then that will be a remarkable accomplishment and a major step forward for the console. This type of multiplayer sandbox, on a mobile handheld console, would be a huge win.

I just have my doubts.

ARK: Survival Evolved - Nintendo Switch announcement at GDC 2018.


Sea of Salty Thieves

Sea of Thieves came out today! Yes, that’s an exclamation point at the end of that sentence. I used one because I’m excited. That’s a statement coming from someone who played the alpha and beta tests, and knew exactly what kind of game I was getting.

I’ve written a few times now about what kind of game Sea of Thieves is and what kind of game Sea of Thieves is not.

Despite there being no room for confusion after so many beta tests being open to the public, and so many people streaming the game, there are still countless salty sea dogs posting bad reviews on meta critic, reddit, and anywhere they can share their opinions. Most of them are complaining about what the game is not.

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Battlefront 2 Finally Changes Star Card Progression

Tomorrow the patch will FINALLY come out that addresses the infamous Star Card progression system. Assuming there might be one person out there who didn’t follow the drama, let me explain why it had to change.

Star Cards were previously obtained in loot crates which were purchased with real life monies, though they could also be purchased with in-game currency too. The gripe was how players could spend RL money and obtain a significant gameplay advantage. Fair critique.

When the outrage happened — before the game even launched, mind you — EA turned off all transactions, essentially making the crates only purchasable with in-game funds. The system felt broken, and rightfully so.

With tomorrow’s patch, the Star Card system is changing entirely.

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Have You Checked Out ‘One Hour One Life’ Yet?

One Hour One Life is a game I only heard of today when a member of our community started talking about it on Discord. I watched several videos this afternoon, did a little research into the official website, and thought I would pass along a simply 'check it out' to you guys if you're interested.

The premise of the game is that you have one hour to live your life. Death is a natural component of the game as you die and become reborn. Your first hour in the game is entirely dependent upon a complete stranger to take care of you as a baby. As you age, you'll begin to be able to type more than one character messages, and you'll eventually be able to take care of yourself.

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