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Paladin Might be that Simpler Class I’m Looking for in WoW

This past week we talked about the idea of over-complicated gameplay as it pertains to class rotations, ability usage, mechanics, etc. It was that idea that I didn’t like having a split second decision to manage multiple cooldowns and min-maxing abilities that really required a UI mod to make it happen.

I really wanted to make a Paladin sometime and was debating waiting on BFA to make one, but then I decided I mighta s well make one now because the grind for gear at an expansion’s end doesn’t matter to me, and now is as good a time as any to find a class to experiment with — that way I’m not stuck playing alt after alt when the expansion drops.
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WoW Warfronts are the Faction Conflict without the PvP

How can you capture the feel of a faction war without having to actually PvP? That's something I've been hearing a lot from you guys lately. I have this deep love of the Warcrat lore of Horde vs. Alliance. I love the RTS games. I love when it's simply the denizens of Azeroth fighting amongst themselves. That said, I really don't like WoW's PvP. 

The solution? 


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WoW’s War Mode: Gankers Gonna Gank

I like PvP, I really do. I'm literally a product of the Dark Age of Camelot era where PvP was, in my humble opinion, at its best. Yet I'm struggling to come to terms with WoW's up and coming War Mode.

War Mode essentially allows you to toggle PvP on or off, and in doing so shards your character only with players who have made the same choice. Regardless of whether you're on a PvE or PvP server, you'll only be around those who similarly opt in or out.

Cool. That's essentially no different than me choosing to play on a PvE server.

Well, it's a little more complicated than that.

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Why I Prefer Simpler Character Gameplay

I was playing around in WoW tonight trying out different specs for my Warlock. I came to the conclusion once again (which has happened numerous times over the years) that I really do prefer simpler character gameplay.

When I first picked up the Warlock, I chose that class because it seemed fairly straight forward. Compared to many of the classes available, it is straight forward. Compared to a lot of other MMORPGs, it’s like trying to play Dance Dance Revolution.
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Finished All of Legion

I think I can officially say now that I have finished all of Legion. I unlocked flying, completed all of the raids and dungeons, etc. I'm going to push some spoilers, so if you're not yet finished with Legion you can go ahead and skip this post.

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