Review Process

Keen and Graev’s gaming blog isn’t just about our rambling and commentary on the industry. It’s also where we review and share with others the games we play. We urge you to always take the proper steps to educate yourself before you purchase a game and hopefully our reviews will help you along the way. No one hates buyer’s remorse more than us.

Our reviews are always our honest opinions. We’re gamers just like you and that means what you read will be from the perspective of a true player — not a journalist.

Keen and Graev’s Super Secret Patent Pending Review Point Scale System
Games reviewed will receive a score between 0 and 10. Rather than arbitrarily assigning a score based on what we think, we start all of our games at a 10. As we play we take note of things that detract from the game being phenomenal. Those are the types of things we mention in our reviews. Points are lost and gained throughout the review process.

We compare apples to apples in our reviews. A simple iOS game may perfect its model and truly present the epitome of what a simple little game should be. That game may earn a 9. A larger blockbuster may have taken tens of millions more to produce, last months more, but fail to deliver on certain aspects and receive a 7. For our reviews you will have to look at what kind of game we are reviewing and actually read the review to see how and why we are scoring a game a certain way.

Below is a more detailed explanation.

0: *slits wrists*

1 to 4: Absolutely horrible.  Avoid this game at all costs.  We even regret playing it.

5 to 7: Average (5) to Good (7).  There may be no reason  to run out and buy this title right away, but it has some redeeming qualities. See review for more details.

8 to 9: Great! This game is highly recommended.

10:  Absolutely phenomenal.  No game is perfect, not even a 10, but this comes close.  We not only enjoyed this game immensely but we will be playing it over and over.  You absolutely must buy this title.

Updated 7/09/2015

Concerning MMORPG Reviews: Rarely will we “review” a MMORPG given the nature of how these games evolve greatly even over a short period of time. Perspectives change when playing MMORPGs because of the time investment involved. We prefer to take an approach of continual commentary so that our readers can see how our feelings about the game evolve over time. This is why you will see us perhaps loving the game at launch but deciding later down the line that the game has issues or how we may not like a game at launch but turn out liking the end-game.

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