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Why Do People Play Warframe?

So here’s a legitimate question for you guys… why is Warframe so popular all of a sudden?

I know why it’s being played by all of the Twitch streamers. They have #ad in their titles and are being paid to play.

I know why it’s being covered on some of the bigger news sites. They have disclaimers about being flown to London, and many NA-based outlets are happy to accept the free vacation in exchange for coverage.

What I’m curious about is why the sudden surge. Warframe came out in 2013 and the reviews weren’t favorable. At best it was in that “hey if you like this you might also like this” category, scraping by with 40%-70% scores. I tried it and it felt like a spaztastic shooter game with big emphasis on looting and being a fashion show. The game I tried was generic and lifeless.

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What’d You Do This Weekend: Please Be Kind to New Players Edition

This weekend was spent dabbling in a variety of games. I played Stardew Valley a TON. Probably too much. We have a ridiculous operation going of crops into wines and preserves. It’s a little obsessive.

I also played WoW a bit to work on my Paladin. And by “work on” I mean just playing some world quests trying to get transmog gear and unlock mounts. It’s a decent distraction for an hour here and there.

Graev and I are trying to find something to do (looking for your recommendations please) together. We ended up trying out some DOTA 2 on a whim. A lot has changed in the 4 years since I’ve played. A lot. Before we played I said to Graev, “You realize they’re going to crucify us, right? They’re going to reach their their monitors, grab our souls, and drag us to the depths of hell for being newbs on their team.” His reply was simply, “I enjoy watching people freak out.” So we played. And there was some freaking out. The best moment hands down was the message across the screen at the start of the match to be nice to new players and help them learn. LOL.

What’d you do this weekend?


Did you hear? Dauntless has lots of players.

Dauntless is in open beta. You may remember it as that game being streamed by people who were given access if they would stream it together. It quickly fizzled out into obscurity after the closed beta wasn’t well received.

Now it’s in open beta, and apparently it underwent some big changes to try and make it a little more like Monster Hunter. All I remember from the streams I watched (I have not played it myself) are the horrible sounds. I probably wrote a post about how my ears would bleed when I watched people play.

But lots of supposed good changes have made people flock to give it a shot. After all, it’s F2P. And what would a F2P game be without devs touting the registered player numbers? In case you weren’t aware, people like to try new free games.

The newness and freeness have brought about some pretty insane queues. There are 100,000 people in the queue right now. The Dauntless subreddit is basically memes about how bad things are when having to wait to play.

I’m sure those people would love to watch other people play, but since the game is so good now they’ve only allowed a handful of “partners” the right to stream the game. Those players believably love the game.

I really don’t have a point to this, other than my odd fascination with the entire process. The game wasn’t very good in closed beta, regrouped, only lets approved people show it off on Twitch, has a queue of 100,000 people, and then touts how many people are playing. It all makes complete sense.

My Wife’s Updated Review of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game came out for for mobile devices about a month ago. I quit playing within a couple of hours (technically days, but since you can only play for like 10 minutes at a time it spreads out pretty thin).

My wife on the other hand has played the game almost every day since and has tried her darnedest to enjoy the "game" while also not spending any money -- something she does in every single game she plays.

I thought her desire to update her thoughts on the game would have to do with the game being F2P, but it turns out she's quite the critic! There's a whole lot more on her mind.

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What’re You Playing This Weekend?

I've had a lot to play lately -- that's always an awesome feeling. This weekend I've decided to put in some time on the following:

  1. WoW - Ret Paladin progress
  2. Stardew Valley - Nintendo Switch playthrough with my wife
  3. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Finishing up the Ventus storyline
  4. Pillars of Eternity 1 - I started my very first playthrough last week as a Paladin
  5. Albion Online - Steam launched, playing with Graev
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If You Could Relive your Gaming Past…

Last week the Pantheon MMO Twitter account asked this simple question, and I've been thinking about how I'd respond.

There are plenty of moments in time that stand out to me as memorable that I would love to relive. My EQ Story about the run from Qeynos to Freeport, logging into a 3D virtual realm for the first time in Active Worlds, roleplaying in The Realm, winning a Warcraft 3 tournament, racing to the front lines of a relic defense at 3am in Dark Age of Camelot... the list goes on.

Instead of focusing on a specific moment or event, I'm going to pick an era that I'd love to relive. I'd like to relive the time when games would come out, and each game was radically different from anything else we'd ever played. That goes for all games.

Specific to MMOs, since that's probably what VR is getting at (since Pantheon is a MMO), I'd go back to that time when The Realm, EQ, DAoC, FFXI, SWG, etc., were all out or coming out and you could pick any of them and have a unique experience. Seriously, truly unique. 

That was also a time when excitement was at its highest for MMOs. We were awestruck on a yearly basis -- often more. Cynicism hadn't crept in about future releases. No one talked about clones. Business models weren't even a topic of conversation. People still had their favorite games and would bash on the ones they didn't like, but no one was doing so for the reasons we see today.

MMO gaming was smaller back then, and as a result the companies were smaller and their interactions with the community more intimate. The guys actually coding the games were on the forums talking to people (forums were a thing), and community sites dedicated to a single game were often the hottest source for developer/community interaction. I think the developers themselves cared more, or at least it felt like they did because it was often entirely their brain child, rather than many of them being just a cog in some bigger machine.

How about you? What part of your gaming past would you relive, and why?


What’re You Playing This Weekend? Let Me Guess…

What are you guys all playing this weekend? If I had to guess, I bet a lot of you are playing God of War. That’s the latest, hot and trending release, right?

I let Graev pick it up, and I’m waiting on his feedback. At that point I’ll probably just borrow it from him to play on my own.

This weekend I’m playing mostly PixARK. I’m pretty much level 70, which means I have 10 more levels to squeeze out before I have access to all of the engrams I want.

I’m working on building a really neat underground base. I’m going to have switches to activate platforms, lights, auto-defense turrets, etc. I’m even going to have a cool cliff-side area where I can deploy flying dinos and dock them when I’m not using them.

I’m also going to have some cool lifts and elevator systems to lower me down into this massive cavern we have below our base with lots of neat creatures.

The end-game is a mystery to me. Maybe we’re almost to the end-game? Maybe there are world bosses I haven’t found? Still exploring that side of things as I play. My bronto base is in the works as well, but I’m going to finish that once my main base is finished.

Let me know what you’re playing!

What’d You Play This Weekend? I Played an MMO!

This weekend got away fast. I had lots to do on Saturday and Sunday, so I ended up only getting in a little bit of time on the one game I played a bunch of: EverQuest.

Yep, I played EverQuest again! That shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing that I posted about it several times recently. We’re on the Coirnav progression server having a good time. It’s exactly the same as every new progression server, though. If that hasn’t been your thing in the past, no reason to expect it to be any different this time around.

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Remote Play & PC Streaming

Our current residence has a really inconvenient layout which ends up causing me to need to be away from the room with my main gaming computer and consoles.

If I’m playing on the Switch there’s never a problem.  I just grab the console and ago. That’s not the case with my PC or PS4.

PS4 Remote Play

I’ve recently been dabbling a lot in the PS4 Remote Play and PC Streaming setups.

Using the Remote Play application for PC, I’m able to connect to my PS4 over wifi. This basically streams my PS4 to any device that can run windows (or mac). I use a first generation Surface Pro from the other room while playing games like Monster Hunter World. Works pretty dang good!

I do notice a few issues with it, like there’s a bit of lag if you’re not using a wired connection for both devices. My PS4 is on the network with an ethernet cable, and my Surface Pro is using wifi. Not ideal, but the lag is just low enough to not really make playing a burden.

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What Did You Play This Weekend?

This weekend was short on the games, but the time I did get in was pretty good. I ended up driving a lot yesterday (about 9 hours) which ate up a lot of game time. That’s also why today there will be a double posting instead of what I was planning to publish yesterday.

Deep Rock Galactic

I was able to continue playing Deep Rock Galactic with some randoms while Graev was busy. I decided to try more of the Digger class, originally thinking it was lackluster when compared to the other class options. My opinion reversed when my fellow dwarves were all rather inept at using Engineer platforms or carving their own paths. The digger just bust through rocks and forge a beautiful tunnel in seconds — even to the bottom of a major cavern — providing the entire team a clear path to progress.

Dragon Quest Builders

Most of my time playing was spent in Dragon Quest Builders on the Switch. My wife and I are doing this play-through together. She’s really into the exploration, so she pushes me to explore the nooks and crannies of the map. I’m always reluctant, then end up being grateful she pushed me to look around because we find so many neat things to contribute to our city. Right now we’re in the second chapter, and we have a really cool city going.

Leaving our first city behind was rough. I felt attached to the characters and buildings, even though in reality the place was ugly. Our second city is much more practical, and I even have a nice room elevated over the city with a cool view. The surrounding terrain is ugly, though, and I hop Chapter 3 brings a nicer locale.

Next Weekend…

I’m excited for EverQuest on the Coirnav server. I always think I won’t miss MMOs until I haven’t played one. Then I get the itch so strongly I can’t think of anything else.

Anything fun you’re playing this weekend or planning to play soon?

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