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What’d You Play This Weekend? I Played an MMO!

This weekend got away fast. I had lots to do on Saturday and Sunday, so I ended up only getting in a little bit of time on the one game I played a bunch of: EverQuest.

Yep, I played EverQuest again! That shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing that I posted about it several times recently. We’re on the Coirnav progression server having a good time. It’s exactly the same as every new progression server, though. If that hasn’t been your thing in the past, no reason to expect it to be any different this time around.

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Remote Play & PC Streaming

Our current residence has a really inconvenient layout which ends up causing me to need to be away from the room with my main gaming computer and consoles.

If I’m playing on the Switch there’s never a problem.  I just grab the console and ago. That’s not the case with my PC or PS4.

PS4 Remote Play

I’ve recently been dabbling a lot in the PS4 Remote Play and PC Streaming setups.

Using the Remote Play application for PC, I’m able to connect to my PS4 over wifi. This basically streams my PS4 to any device that can run windows (or mac). I use a first generation Surface Pro from the other room while playing games like Monster Hunter World. Works pretty dang good!

I do notice a few issues with it, like there’s a bit of lag if you’re not using a wired connection for both devices. My PS4 is on the network with an ethernet cable, and my Surface Pro is using wifi. Not ideal, but the lag is just low enough to not really make playing a burden.

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What Did You Play This Weekend?

This weekend was short on the games, but the time I did get in was pretty good. I ended up driving a lot yesterday (about 9 hours) which ate up a lot of game time. That’s also why today there will be a double posting instead of what I was planning to publish yesterday.

Deep Rock Galactic

I was able to continue playing Deep Rock Galactic with some randoms while Graev was busy. I decided to try more of the Digger class, originally thinking it was lackluster when compared to the other class options. My opinion reversed when my fellow dwarves were all rather inept at using Engineer platforms or carving their own paths. The digger just bust through rocks and forge a beautiful tunnel in seconds — even to the bottom of a major cavern — providing the entire team a clear path to progress.

Dragon Quest Builders

Most of my time playing was spent in Dragon Quest Builders on the Switch. My wife and I are doing this play-through together. She’s really into the exploration, so she pushes me to explore the nooks and crannies of the map. I’m always reluctant, then end up being grateful she pushed me to look around because we find so many neat things to contribute to our city. Right now we’re in the second chapter, and we have a really cool city going.

Leaving our first city behind was rough. I felt attached to the characters and buildings, even though in reality the place was ugly. Our second city is much more practical, and I even have a nice room elevated over the city with a cool view. The surrounding terrain is ugly, though, and I hop Chapter 3 brings a nicer locale.

Next Weekend…

I’m excited for EverQuest on the Coirnav server. I always think I won’t miss MMOs until I haven’t played one. Then I get the itch so strongly I can’t think of anything else.

Anything fun you’re playing this weekend or planning to play soon?


What Did You Play This Weekend?

As we wrap up the weekend, I'm curious what games you all are playing.

Here's my list:


We blew up the meteor tonight! I have a video and write-up coming tomorrow. It was awesome to see this feature play out even cooler than we expected. Many of you have asked me whether or not this means the game has ended. Nope! In fact, shortly after the meteor blew up people went on talking about what they were building next. 

Our server will likely stay up and as-is for a little while. We may add mods or restart the world (bigger this time) with mods or simply keep it vanilla.

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What are You Playing this Weekend?

It’s the weekend again… crazy how fast that came. Unfortunately, Monday always seems to come that much faster which means it’s time to get in the gaming while there’s time!

I’m playing a couple of solid games this weekend.

Dragon Quest Builders on Nintendo Switch

DQB is such a phenomenal game. I’m loving the sandbox with a hint of being guided toward objectives. This is one of those games where my wife will randomly ask if we can play it tonight. Right now we’re still in the first chapter, but we’re spending a good amount of time gathering resources and making a neat city. We’re focusing on building rooms and function with moderate aesthetic appeal.

There are so many neat things to craft and ways to explore the world. So much of the game is still very new to us, so there’s a heavy amount and emphasis on exploration and ‘figuring things out’ which definitely adds to our enjoyment.

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