Here’s what I’m playing on BFA eve

This weekend was pretty good for games. BFA comes out tomorrow, so I tried to to load up on a variety of games pass the time.

No Man’s Sky

Graev and I are taking our time exploring. We had a minor frustrating moment when we couldn’t figure out why I had a quest he didn’t have, when neither of us has played without the other. I have an Awakening quest that says something about exploring the universe and he doesn’t. We both chose the same options. Anyone know anything about that? Also, when we both entered the first big anomaly and docked with it, I talked to the little guy and he gave me a choice for an upgrade but Graev wasn’t offered one. That was yet again frustrating for him. Would love input there from any of you vets.

Otherwise, we’re having fun exploring. It’s a bit of a slog at times to spend -so- much time gathering resources. That’s probably my biggest critique. I love flying, exploring, fighting, etc., but there’s a huge emphasis on gathering resources and not much time on using them. In fact, the very act of gathering resources leads to needing more resources to recharge the item I’m using to gather resources.

Overcooked 2

I’m in love with Overcooked 2 on the Switch. I have a game going with Graev and one with my wife. It’s a blast to cook all crazily in the kitchen. It’s so hectic and stressful but so rewarding when you try so hard and get 3 stars. This is one of the few games where I’m actually okay replaying a level to get do better.

I’ll definitely have to do more of a formal writeup on Overcooked 2.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance HD

My wife and I are on our last major game (just the little Birth By Sleep episode with Aqua let after that) and it feels sooo good to make our goal if completing all of the games (for the first time) before Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out in January. I’m already planning a big Kingdom Hearts post where I go through my thoughts on each of the games and rank them.

World of Warcraft: Legion

I think I finished everything I wanted to do in Legion. I logged my character out in Stormwind Harbor, though I’m pretty sure I’ll have to go to Silithus right away. My one regret is that I didn’t have a couple more level 110 characters in case, for some reason, I become an altoholic.

I hope tomorrow’s launch at 3pm pacific goes smooth. I’m not on a super high pop server or anything, so I really hope I don’t spend hours of frustration in some broken queue, but who am I kidding? It’s a WoW expansion.

Unlike many out there with their big shopping carts full of junkfood and their plans for a 24 hour marathon session, I plan to get a good night’s sleep tonight and every night this week. I’d love to skip work, but there are deals to close. I’d love to do nothing but game, but there are responsibilities. If I focus really hard, I’m not even bothered by the idea of being offline for 10+ hours during the day knowing people are racing to the end.

  • I picked up No Man’s Sky recently as well. It’s such an odd game because it’s technically brilliant (some of the procedural systems are way ahead of the rest of the industry) and they’ve developed this great foundation but the gameplay built on top of it leaves a lot to be desired at times. It has the potential to be this generation’s Elite but whether Hello Games can capitalize on that potential remains to be seen.