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E3 2018: PC Gaming Show

I had to watch half of the PC Gaming Show while driving over to Graev's where I was able to catch the rest with him. Was this the very first year for this showcase? I liked it. I think fair exposure for PC gaming at E3 is always a plus. The entire event is so skewed towards console games -- not that I personally mind that these days -- that it's nice to see a bit the other direction. I thought Day9 did a nice job hosting.

Read on for our thoughts on specific games shown.

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E3 2018: Nintendo Direct

For several years now Nintendo has taken a different approach to E3 with their pre-recorded Nintendo Direct presentations. For better or worse, they're at least a lot less cringey. As a result, they're also much lighter on presentation.

Nintendo's pace this year clipped really fast for all but the last game, so we only got micro-tastes of what they showed. Here are our thoughts on all the games shown.

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