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Battle Passes Snuck Up On Us

Have you noticed the latest microtransaction trend that came out of nowhere into a hyped new trend? Battle passes (premium pass, event pass, they're all the same) are all the craze now among the microtransaction industry.

Battle Passes aren't new. There are games like DOTA which have used them since around 2013 -- maybe earlier. Yet in the last month or two they came out of nowhere as the go-to monetization method after loot crates became blasé.

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E3 2018: PC Gaming Show

I had to watch half of the PC Gaming Show while driving over to Graev's where I was able to catch the rest with him. Was this the very first year for this showcase? I liked it. I think fair exposure for PC gaming at E3 is always a plus. The entire event is so skewed towards console games -- not that I personally mind that these days -- that it's nice to see a bit the other direction. I thought Day9 did a nice job hosting.

Read on for our thoughts on specific games shown.

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E3 2018: Nintendo Direct

For several years now Nintendo has taken a different approach to E3 with their pre-recorded Nintendo Direct presentations. For better or worse, they're at least a lot less cringey. As a result, they're also much lighter on presentation.

Nintendo's pace this year clipped really fast for all but the last game, so we only got micro-tastes of what they showed. Here are our thoughts on all the games shown.

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E3 2018: Sony Showcase

Sony did something new with their conference. 

I turned to Graev and called it within the first 30 seconds. They moved the audience to a new venue after their first lengthy game showcase, during which they subjected the audience to pretty much a commercial segment. They finally settled everyone down into the showcase venue.

Here are our thoughts on the games Sony showcased. 

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E3 2018: EA Press Conference

EA's conference this year felt a little... budget friendly. 

Toward the end of the conference EA did their spiel about wanting to be better about not giving anyone an advantage or disadvantage because of "how" they choose to play the game. I think that's a lofty goal, albeit the right sentiment.

These are my notes and thoughts on EA's press conference from E3 2018.

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