Nintendo and Microsoft are Becoming Best Buds

Nintendo and Microsoft are Becoming Best Buds

I'm loving this recent trend of Microsoft and Nintendo getting along where multiplayer cross-play is concerned. Minecraft's Better Together update is out today for the Switch, allowing Switch, Xbox, iOS, and Android players to all play together. Notice anyone missing from that list?


Yep, Sony screws its players once again by not allowing any form of cross-play with its device. This isn't very uplifting news considering Sony is under major fire from the fans for screwing over their players in Fortnite too. In case you didn't hear, if you sync'd your Fortnite account to a PS4, you can't play that account anywhere else -- they literally tell you to make a new account.

With respect to this version of Minecraft, I really want them to get on board with some sort of mod-like package. I want pipes, machines, and automation to exist. Redstone isn't enough. I like having tubes and building systems. So imho this vanilla-craft is still very lacking.

I want this cross-play harmony to continue! If Nintendo can keep the cross-play going with Microsoft, there's a seriously bright future in store for everyone involved. Friends can play together more, communities for games remain active longer, and players aren't forced to make as many hard choices.

Enjoy fading off into obscurity, Sony.

  • Cross-play is good for consumers, even though I personally don’t really care about it. I don’t play online games outside of MMOs. I do hope more games and companies allow cross-play in the future.

    That being said, “fading off into obscurity” may be a tad hyperbolic. Everyone knows the reason this is happening: PS4 absolutely dominates market share. A quick google search shows that Sony has 60% of the console market share, with Microsoft at 29% and Nintendo at 11%. Sony doesn’t need to offer cross-play – they have a bigger pool of players than Microsoft and Sony combined.

    And of course, neither Microsoft or Nintendo are doing this because it’s good for consumers. They’re doing it because it’s good for them. It gives their games a bigger pool of potential players, and it undercuts Sony. They are looking to take reasons away from buying a PS4. Without cross-play, a potential consumer may buy a PS4 specifically to play with friends or the biggest pool of players. Cross-play would eliminate that advantage and allow them to buy an Xbox instead.

    So while I appreciate the results, I don’t give Microsoft or Nintendo much credit. If the situation was reversed and 60% of consoles were Xboxes I don’t think you’d be seeing the current partnership. And Sony will do a 180 as soon as they decide it makes better business sense to do so.

    • While a tad hyperbolic, I think there’s a trend we’re seeing here. Sadly, Sony was at the top of their game for so many years which is exactly why they command such a striking lead in the console market. The past year — maybe two — has shown Sony is losing touch. Between their poor customer service and awful market decisions, they’re losing that stranglehold they had.

      Give it a year and that 60% will look closer to 40%. Give it another year or two and they’ll slip even more.

      E3 was telling for me.

  • Sony’s hubris is showing!

    It’s sort of sad, but they are in a position of power when it comes to consoles. Hopefully the “friendship” between Microsoft and Nintendo will continue and maybe force Sony to start making more consumer-friendly decisions.