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Diablo 3 on Switch

I originally meant to write this post with my Diablo 3 Switch impressions last weekend, but I decided to delay my thoughts until Graev and I had gone just a little bit further with the game. Right now we’re just about paragon 400 on our Crusader (Keen) and Necromancer (Graev). I feel like that has given us sufficient time to experience everything Diablo 3 has to offer, and experience it long enough on the Switch to give our thoughts.

Is Diablo 3 on the Switch the same as the PC version?

Yes, Diablo 3 on the Switch is exactly the same game as the PC version. The major differences are found in the user interface, particularly with gear management.

To equip gear, you’re given a picture of your character with a radial menu. Gear slots comprise a complete circle around you, and you’ll simply move the left stick around to the item you want to explore. On the right side will be a list of the items in your inventory for that slot. Choosing one will equip that item and send it one step further to the right to indicate it is equipped. From there you can compare items on the left to items you have equipped on the right.

The only change we found so far unrelated to gear management is that items you drop can not be picked up by group members. After some Googling, we found that  this is working as intended for all console versions in order to avoid duping and leaderboard exploiting.

Putting items into your chest works identically. Instead of the right area being what’s equipped, it’s what’s in the chest. This system is nice because it eliminates the ‘one giant inventory’ of the chest and sorts it by slots. I do miss my own organization system at times.

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Red Dead Redemption 2’s Biggest Flaws

There are so many glorious things I can say about Red Dead Redemption 2, but I keep being thwarted by the game’s biggest flaw. RDR2’s control scheme and interface are beyond bad.

I have no idea why Rockstar is still using this antiquated and horribly unfriendly setup. I completely acknowledge that there are many, many different systems in the game and the scope of what you’re doing in-game is vast beyond what we’ve seen in other games, but there’s a line that’s been crossed.

For example, I want to take that bow off my horse. Can I go up to the bow on the left side of the horse and press square to take it off and carry it with me? No. I have to hold the right button on the D-pad until a radial menu comes up. While holding that, I have to push the right stick in the direction of the radial option I want to choose, then whole holding that there I have to use R1/R2 to cycle through the various items in that type of slot until I find my bow.

I should have been able to walk up to that side of the horse, face the bow, and press square.

Swapping weapons, making sure the right items are on my and not my horse, etc., has become a full-time job.

Remembering how to open up various contextual menus, radial menus, and multipage menus has become a full-time job. My wife was watching me play and started to take notes for us after we spent 5 minutes sifting through various menus and pages to find something.

After several play sessions, I can honestly say the controls have soured many experiences in an otherwise wonderful game. Time to innovate, Rockstar.

On other more positive notes, RDR2 is such an unusually slow-pace game that I feel no desire to rush through. This could easily last me many, many months. Rather than write any sort of review, I’ll just comment on various systems and things I find enjoyable or otherwise.


Paladins on Switch: Our Early Impressions

We picked up Paladins on the Switch when it came out two days ago. I hadn’t played Paladins previously on PC or console, but I had hard a little bit about it. Full disclosure, I’ve never had the best experience with games made by Hi-Rez. I was extremely hesitant. In fact, it took a little convincing from Graev combined with the general idea that it was like Overwatch, and the idea of having that type of experience on the Switch was appealing to me.

Turns out, there’s a lot more to Paladins than you might think — at least a lot more than I thought. That’s why I felt compelled to write up our thoughts on the game to share with you guys in a sort of review-meets-info post.

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Mario Tennis Beta

I learned something tonight. I'm really, really bad at tennis.

I was super hyped to jump in and play some tennis Mario style. Things went well during my first game. Raul and I were neck and neck and even went into tie-breaking rounds. It was back and forth back and forth, each of us taking great shots. I finally pulled out a win!

Well... it was downhill from there. Every match after that I went up against savant players who kicked my trash. I was obliterated. One match went so fast that my wife watching was like, "Oh, it's over for you already?" 

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New Pokemon Game Coming to Switch: Let’s Go Pikachu (or Eevee)

Nintendo has done it again! They've managed to build massive hype for the Switch, and confuse the absolute heck out of me in the process.

I followed yesterday night's live tweeting and announcements from the presentation, and I have to say I was suuuuper confused at first. Now I think I'm a little less confused, but I'm still working out some of the details. 

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