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Paladins on Switch: Our Early Impressions

We picked up Paladins on the Switch when it came out two days ago. I hadn’t played Paladins previously on PC or console, but I had hard a little bit about it. Full disclosure, I’ve never had the best experience with games made by Hi-Rez. I was extremely hesitant. In fact, it took a little convincing from Graev combined with the general idea that it was like Overwatch, and the idea of having that type of experience on the Switch was appealing to me.

Turns out, there’s a lot more to Paladins than you might think — at least a lot more than I thought. That’s why I felt compelled to write up our thoughts on the game to share with you guys in a sort of review-meets-info post.

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Mario Tennis Beta

I learned something tonight. I'm really, really bad at tennis.

I was super hyped to jump in and play some tennis Mario style. Things went well during my first game. Raul and I were neck and neck and even went into tie-breaking rounds. It was back and forth back and forth, each of us taking great shots. I finally pulled out a win!

Well... it was downhill from there. Every match after that I went up against savant players who kicked my trash. I was obliterated. One match went so fast that my wife watching was like, "Oh, it's over for you already?" 

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New Pokemon Game Coming to Switch: Let’s Go Pikachu (or Eevee)

Nintendo has done it again! They've managed to build massive hype for the Switch, and confuse the absolute heck out of me in the process.

I followed yesterday night's live tweeting and announcements from the presentation, and I have to say I was suuuuper confused at first. Now I think I'm a little less confused, but I'm still working out some of the details. 

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Nintendo Labo Meets Bill Nye the Science Guy

Nintendo Labo is now available today in North America. Nintendo smartly grabbed Bill Nye the Science Guy and had him do a product demo.

I think Bill Nye is a Goa'uld, or has at least mastered the powers of the sarcophagus because this guy looks exactly like he did when I watched him 20+ years ago.

Bill Nye does a really good job showing the gist of these toys / learning devices. The first hurdle for people to get over is the construction process. Using the Switch screen as a touch-screen and display for building instructions is brilliant. 

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What Did You Play This Weekend?

This weekend was short on the games, but the time I did get in was pretty good. I ended up driving a lot yesterday (about 9 hours) which ate up a lot of game time. That’s also why today there will be a double posting instead of what I was planning to publish yesterday.

Deep Rock Galactic

I was able to continue playing Deep Rock Galactic with some randoms while Graev was busy. I decided to try more of the Digger class, originally thinking it was lackluster when compared to the other class options. My opinion reversed when my fellow dwarves were all rather inept at using Engineer platforms or carving their own paths. The digger just bust through rocks and forge a beautiful tunnel in seconds — even to the bottom of a major cavern — providing the entire team a clear path to progress.

Dragon Quest Builders

Most of my time playing was spent in Dragon Quest Builders on the Switch. My wife and I are doing this play-through together. She’s really into the exploration, so she pushes me to explore the nooks and crannies of the map. I’m always reluctant, then end up being grateful she pushed me to look around because we find so many neat things to contribute to our city. Right now we’re in the second chapter, and we have a really cool city going.

Leaving our first city behind was rough. I felt attached to the characters and buildings, even though in reality the place was ugly. Our second city is much more practical, and I even have a nice room elevated over the city with a cool view. The surrounding terrain is ugly, though, and I hop Chapter 3 brings a nicer locale.

Next Weekend…

I’m excited for EverQuest on the Coirnav server. I always think I won’t miss MMOs until I haven’t played one. Then I get the itch so strongly I can’t think of anything else.

Anything fun you’re playing this weekend or planning to play soon?

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