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It’s not Warcraft 4, but I’ll take it!

Hands down the best thing to come out of Blizzcon was the Warcraft 3 Reforged announcement. I was absolutely giddy.

If you've followed us over the years, you know that each Blizzcon comes and goes with my same gripe: No Warcraft 4. It's still coming, don't worry, but in the meantime we will soon have a completely remastered version of the greatest RTS of all time (to be replaced by Warcraft 4 which will inevitably be announced at next Blizzcon). 


Without Warcraft 3 there would be no DOTA, League of Legends, probably most if not all MOBAs, and certainly no World of Warcraft.

The custom maps alone were an almost never-ending, ever-satiating, experience which birthed the aforementioned MOBA genre. In Reforged there will be an all-new world editor and custom map maker, which means we can once again enjoy hours of tower defenses, Island Troll Tribes, and Hide and Go Sheep, and so many other player-made games. That is, if those talented map makers return -- and I hope they do.

I was a quasi-competitive player in Warcraft 3. I participated in lots of their tournaments. I even placed in a few. I created a tournament league of my own that competed out of a friend's garage. We had brackets and everything!

Though my APM ain't what they used to be, I'm still eager to jump back into the matchmaking and test my old strats on a new generation -- at least I hope I get paired against them!

My one complaint is the release date. Can we do a little better than "releases on or before December 31, 2019"?

  • It’s cool news, but the fact that a remaster of a nearly 2 decades old game is the biggest news out of Blizzcon speaks volumes.

    • Yeah, in a way. I think it’s harmful to Blizzcon as an event and to Blizzard as a company for them to have to produce a groundbreaking announcement every year, though.

  • It was the worst Blizzcon ever as far as announcements go, but this remaster is the one spot of welcome news. I will also take it.

    • There were past years with no announcements at all, but Diablo Immortal hurt a lot of people’s feelings so it stings more. WC3 Reforged made this a better Blizzcon than the past few for me.

  • By far the most exciting announcement at BlizzCon, in my opinion. Warcraft 3 basically defines my highschool years. I spent so much time playing it. Friends and I would stay up all night long having LAN parties or playing custom games on battlenet. It’s the reason I started playing WoW as well, which I still play today.

    This will be a day 1 purchase for me, easily. Looks great.