E3 2018: Square Enix Showcase

We're playing a little bit of catch-up here on the conferences. We were able to watch them all live while traveling, but had to take notes for publishing some of these at a later time. 

Here are our thoughts on what Square Enix showed during their conferences. 


  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider - We think this looks really good. We got to see it during the Microsoft conference, but it was nice to see a lot more as well as some explanation. I personally added the first one to my playlist now to get through it before this comes out.
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    Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Under The Moonlight - FFXIV keeps on kickin. This looked like some good content for the FFXIV crowd.
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    The Awesome Adventures of captain spirit - We already shared out thoughts on this from the other conferences. I'm just not feeling it right now.
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    Dragon Quest XI Echoes of the Elusive Age - This looks awesome!
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    Babylon's Fall - From the creators of Bayonetta. That pretty much means I won't be interested because I don't really like that style of game. I did a little more research on this one and it seems like most people are unsure what type of game it'll be since all we've received is a bunch of lore.
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    Octopath Traveler - Still really excited for this one!
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    Just Cause 4 - See our thoughts from Microsoft. It's just too much.
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    The Quiet Man - I'll quietly skip this one.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 - Each trailer solidifies its spot on the top of my most-anticipated games list.
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    Final Fantasy XIV x Monster Hunter - This is a really neat collaboration between the two franchises. After this conference Capcom announced their side of things which has Behemoth going to Elder's Recess. Very cool.

Overall Thoughts on Square Enix

Despite there being only a handful of games we're personally interested in, it's hard to fault Square Enix many places here. They get all the credit for KH and Dragon Quest. They're doing some cool collaborations, and still pushing FFXIV forward. 

Overall Score: "Good"

  • Bartillo says:

    I’m soo hyped for dragon quest 11! It’ll be the first full dragon quest since 8.

  • Shutter says:

    I thought this was by far the clunker of the show. Tomb Raider, Captain Spirit, Just Cause, and Kingdom Hearts had already been shown. Babylon’s Fall and Quiet Man had such brief confusing trailers they might have done more harm than good. Dragon Quest and Octopath look like just-another-JRPG.

    • Keen says:

      The games appealing to their already existing communities seemed on point, though. The new stuff, not so much.

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