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My Quick Thoughts on Diablo Immortal

Blizzard announced a new Diablo yesterday at Blizzcon. Apparently, people didn't get the memo to temper their expectations because they were expecting Diablo 4, but instead boo'd the announcement of Diablo Immortal, a mobile Diablo game.

My thoughts? Cool, a Diablo mobile game. It's like Diablo 3 with new gimmicks on a mobile device.


I'm currently playing Diablo 3 on the Switch which released yesterday (thoughts coming this weekend). Obviously I like Diablo. Always have, always will. There are "multiple Diablo projects" in the works. This was one of them. Personally, I see no reason to riot about its existence. Mobile is a good platform even though it's not my ideal.

What you should be worried about is Netease -- the company Blizzard outsourced. When I saw their logo flash, I cringed. I immediately thought of their game called Crusaders of Light and how Diablo Immortal looks a little bit too similar. With all of their resources, Blizzard couldn't make their own game in-house? I find that disappointing.

Diablo mobile isn't inherently bad, and I'll be willing to give it a shot pending more information on their business model.

  • Blizzard is missing the boat. Diablo is an awesome franchise that they are not paying enough attention to. D4 or an amazing D3 expansion is what they need. Sad. All the announcements at Blizzcon were Sad. They deserve to be booed.

    • I’m not sure that outsourcing a Diablo mobile game means they’re not working on D4 or another different Diablo project. It was a dumb move to make it a central component of Blizzcon, though.

  • I personally can’t imagine that style of gameplay being fun with a touchscreen as the controls .. but I’ll give it a go, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

    But I am definitely more inclined towards the “PC for action games, mobile for puzzle games, card games, etc.” school of thought.

    • I agree about the controls.I just played Diablo on the Switch today for 3 hours. I doubt I could ever do the same on a mobile device.

  • I don’t hate Diablo Immortal. I was surprised how intuitive the controls were when I played the demo.

    But no one asked for it.

    Playing game on mobile with a six inch screen and fiddling with tiny controls will never offer the same capabilities as being able to lay back in a chair with a two foot monitor and a keyboard and mouse. It’s a regression.

    First with BFA, and now Diablo Immortal, Blizzard seems utterly out of touch with their fan’s desires. The questions posed at the Q&As and the crowd reactions to them were most evident.

  • They’ve decided it is more important to monetize the franchise. Hey it’s about profit for them, fine, but don’t expect fans to care about that. The fact this is essentially a reskinned netease game with diablo licensing makes it clear the reason this happened. For gamer, mobile games are the games you play when you have no other alternative.

    The least they could have done is give even the tiniest of hints they are working on D4. The fact they refused to even hint at it tells me that probably isn’t one of their “multiple” projects, especially when you consider they likely knew the reaction they would get to having a mobile game be the diablo showcase announcement at blizzcon.

  • Earlier this year, Bethesda put out alot of announcements, but firmly said we wouldn’t see some of the games until the next gen. I have a feeling that we won’t see D4 until that time too. I know they WANT to share what their working on, but can’t. I really can’t believe how childish people acted over the Immortal announcement. If they want to make a mobile game, great! People don’t have to buy it if they don’t want to. 😛 Games take so much time to make, and people think they can be ready by tomorrow. Sheesh…
    In the meantime, I’ll be over here, saving money for computer parts to run said games one day. ^_^

    • I imagine there are only so many ways you can do an ARPG. I’m hopeful they go off in a different direction with D4 similar to how Zelda games do their 2D and 3D styles. Something clearly still Diablo, but different.

      • I’m hoping they fund some type of balance between ARPG and MMO personally. I think they need to try and bring something new to D4 without changing the core of it that makes it what it is.