My Realm Royale Thoughts / Impressions

Realm Royale released this week on Steam. I don't know if "released" is the proper terminology for game in "Alpha," but such is the way of gaming these days.

It's entirely a Fortnite clone, though I think they may prefer "Paladins spin-off." It's a battle royale game. It's hugely inspired by Fortnite. While gameplay is almost entirely like Fortnite, there are a few exceptions. Read on, you may be surprised.

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Steam to Approve All The Things

This is going to end well. Steam's Erik Johnson published this article on the Steam Blog today.

In an effort to reduce the frustration and overhead surrounding the approval process of content submitted to the Steam platform, Valve has decided to offload that burden onto the customers.

If you're a player, we shouldn't be choosing for you what content you can or can't buy. If you're a developer, we shouldn't be choosing what content you're allowed to create. Those choices should be yours to make.

I completely disagree with the assumptions and mistargeted assertions.

I believe they absolutely should be choosing what content I can or can't buy -- ON STEAM. The choice of what a developer can or can't create has never been a choice of Valve's. What content the developers have been allowed to create and then sell on STEAM, however, has.

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New Diablo Project

While much of the internet is rejoicing over a "new diablo game," I'm not yet convinced. I want to believe. I really, really do. I want to believe in the rumors of a new ARPG or even the crazier ones about an MMORPG. Heck, I'll even settle for something mobile.

We're working on a new, unannounced Diablo project. Are you a skilled Dungeon Artist? Come work with us, and together we will build something exceptional. - Joblisting

While my twitter feed believes in World of Diablo and big Blizzcon announcements, I think we're looking at more Diablo 3 DLC.

 They still need to make that Druid class people have been talking about, right?

And let's be honest, they wouldn't dare make another Diablo game before finishing up and releasing Warcraft 4.


Microsoft Studios Head on Games as a Service & Longevity vs Traditional Games

When I hear “games as a service” I think about subscriptions, MMOs, and things I’ve been doing for the past 20+ years of gaming. I’m not sure what Microsoft Studios head Matt Booty means by his use of the phrase. He also has a lot to say on game longevity and the nature of the business models / approach to Microsoft’s first-party strategy in June’s MCV issue.

“There will always be single-player games with maybe 20 to 30 hours of gameplay, we love those kinds of games and there’s a place for those, but it’s also certainly the case with the focus on watching, streaming, broadcast and esports that it’s really important to think about the longevity of a game,” Booty explains.

“It’s really difficult for anybody to think about making a large scale triple-A game these days without having in mind a content and service plan that goes one to two years into the future out of the gate.”

“Games really have become much more social, much more mainstream, much more widespread. We know that the games industry is growing, and that’s taking nothing away from what you call the ‘single-player, narrative, cinematic game’ but we see a lot of interest from our players in more community-driven ongoing franchises. I think that is in alignment with a lot of the trends we see in gaming overall.”

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What’d You Do This Weekend: Please Be Kind to New Players Edition

This weekend was spent dabbling in a variety of games. I played Stardew Valley a TON. Probably too much. We have a ridiculous operation going of crops into wines and preserves. It’s a little obsessive.

I also played WoW a bit to work on my Paladin. And by “work on” I mean just playing some world quests trying to get transmog gear and unlock mounts. It’s a decent distraction for an hour here and there.

Graev and I are trying to find something to do (looking for your recommendations please) together. We ended up trying out some DOTA 2 on a whim. A lot has changed in the 4 years since I’ve played. A lot. Before we played I said to Graev, “You realize they’re going to crucify us, right? They’re going to reach their their monitors, grab our souls, and drag us to the depths of hell for being newbs on their team.” His reply was simply, “I enjoy watching people freak out.” So we played. And there was some freaking out. The best moment hands down was the message across the screen at the start of the match to be nice to new players and help them learn. LOL.

What’d you do this weekend?