Pre-Patch Too Soon

As much as most people wanted the pre-patch for Battle for Azeroth to come out, I think it should have waited a week.

The pre-patch came out yesterday, and most people talking about it aren't impressed. Why? Well, it's quite simple.

All Blizzard did in this patch was essentially take things away. Artifacts are drained, many abilities gone, and tuning is a little of of sorts. People generally feel less powerful and can't do most of the things they felt like they could stomp through.

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Challenge in MMOs Today

The Pantheon Twitter account has become a fountain of content for me to blog about. On days where I'm wondering if there's anything worth talking about in the MMOsphere, I can always open up Twitter now and have something to say.

Here's the newest topic for discussion.

"Have today's MMORPGs watered down the genre too far, has the challenge been removed beyond repair, and how do you think this will effect MMORPGs in the future?"

I'll break this into three questions:

  1. Have today's MMORPGs watered down the genre too far?
  2. Has the challenge been removed beyond repair?
  3. How do you think this will effect MMORPGs in the future?
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What Were Your Favorite Legion Moments?

I'm reflecting back on Legion today as I sit idling in Dalaran. Legion was a mixed bag for me. I played through the first two raids and major content patches, took over a year off, then came back and finished up all of the content during easy-mode.

Looking back on that experience, I have a few favorite moments.

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Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch Date Confirmed + Survival Guide

Patch 8.0 is officially coming July 17th! I'm really excited for the patch for two reasons.

1. I'm eager to see the story move out of Legion. I'm just not a Burning Legion fan, and though the overall story was good in Legion, I'm ready to move on. This feels like forward momentum.

2. I want to get rid of my artifact as fast as possible.

Here's what's coming in patch 8.0 on July 17th:

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WoW Communities

The official WoW site has a good article up about Communities and Guilds today. Guilds are what we all know already and aren't changing much. Guilds will still be for the hardcore raiders and people wanting to get their achievements tied to the guild. I don't expect much will change for the mythic raiding scene.

For the rest of us, we have a few more tools to utilize.

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Finally Beat the Prot Paladin Mage Tower

I'm so stinking proud of myself for not giving up. Just 20 minutes ago I tweeted how I hadn't raged this hard at a game in a long, long time. I was literally one attempt from throwing in the towel forever on this challenge.

I watched a dozen videos and feel like I perfected the strategy. I was simply losing to the knockoffs. Random knockoffs here and there. Infuriating.

This last attempt I blew every cooldown right in the beginning and just went HAM on the Inquisitor. I went nuts and killed him fast, then I went crazy on Kruul. I started to tunnel-vision slightly, but I had the wherewithal to pop a LoH and a BoF. And I beat it!

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MMO Nostalgia: Do We Suppress the Bad and Favor the Good?

Nostalagia. I think that's a favored form of slander by those in the MMO Modernism movement. The question being posed today is one dealing with nostalgia.

Nostalagia - Are we favouring the good memories while suppressing the bad memories we had of past MMORPGs and is that hurting the genre or is this what the genre needs?

Google defines nostalgia as:

a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

Nostalgia is not a false recollection of the past or a tainted perspective.

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Pokemon Go is a Thing Again

I remember when Pokemon Go came out two years ago. Those were wild times. They lasted about two weeks.

The novelty wore off. Justifiable so, right? Who wants to walk around outside looking like a pariah? I mean, other than the large crowds of people who went to the events that flopped, but would keep going to them despite their issues.

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