ECO Server Log: Almost Powered

I'm starting to lose track of the days in ECO. The meteor in the sky is getting bigger, but we're all immersed in the process of growing our civilization.

Each day we seem to have new faces joining us on the Keen and Graev Community server. While we have about 10 people playing, there's always room for more to jump in.

Since I'm no longer measuring our server log in days (at least until we get closer to the 30 day mark), I'm definitely measuring progress by major milestones.

Yesterday I build my first combustion engine, and with that a combustion generator. While a very exciting accomplishment, I found myself with no application. An engine to move what? A generator to power what? So today I spent my skill points on building a powered cart.

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Camelot Unchained Beta Dates & More

Today the Camelot Unchained beta announcement dropped, and you guys were quick to send me emails and notifications — thanks for that!

First, the date. Camelot Unchained beta will be July 4th-ish. I’m adding the “ish” because throughout the video announcement they were pretty clear to point out several times that this date was the date they want to hit, but then qualify it with caveats.

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What Did You Play This Weekend?

As the weekend comes to a close here at the — almost literal — 11th hour, I’m curious to hear about the games YOU played. I think my time was quite obviously spent in ECO, which is an immersive and realistic sandbox building/surviving game. The Keen and Graev Community has our very own server that we actively play on and maintain, which has been the crucial component of how much fun I’ve been having.

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ECO Server Log: Day 4 – The Smoke Rises

What a blast ECO has been these past four days. Literally.

Today I made a blast furnace which means we can now smelt ores without tillings. Tillings are the waste product of smelting using a blowery, which we have now passed a law to ban.

Using a blast furnace, the only byproduct we have to worry about now is air pollution!

I was super excited last night to place the blast furnace and then tinker with having to make some pipes in order to vent the smoke out of the ceiling.

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ECO Server Log: Day 3

Time flies ridiculously fast when playing ECO. That's not necessarily a good thing, though, given the massive meteor planning to crash into the planet in 27 days.

Our Keen and Graev Community server is doing pretty well, I think! In this server journal entry I want to highlight a few of the events and happenings as well as some plans we've put into motion.

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