My Ideal Loot System

I thought I'd deviate slightly from the WoW posts to talk about some MMO design. Specifically, I want to talk about loot. 

What's your ideal MMORPG loot system? 

Mine is pretty simple: Everything you do is rewarding. 

That's pretty broad, but I want to talk about that for a second and then we can go into specific examples.

The ideal loot system never leaves me feeling like I just ran a dungeon or a raid and ended up with nothing to show for it. I don't want to do something for an hour, or maybe even 4 hours, and end that night frustrated that absolutely nothing dropped for me. 

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The Woes of a Scaling World

I've waffled so many times on the concept of world scaling that I can't really remember how I originally felt. Back in January I posted about the scaling and noted immersion and other things.

I want to make particular note of calling out that I found, even back then, the idea of wading through mobs that I should have progressed beyond to be annoying.

I think my prophetic complaints came to pass.

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When there’s too much to do

Opposite of that feeling I had at the of Legion is the massive, overwhelming feeling of having too much to do in BFA right now. 

I'm not complaining -- I love having stuff to do. Zero complaints. What I'm writing here are my observations and feelings.

Though I love it, I feel overwhelmed. 

Where do I start?

What do I prioritize? 

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First BFA Mythic Dungeon

I did my first mythic dungeon in Battle for Azeroth tonight. My friend Yotor and I formed a group (he’s a tank and I’m a healer) so we were able to simply request DPS join us.

If you haven’t played WoW and done mythics, the way the LFG tool works for mythic dungeons is that you list your group and people can apply to join. You get to set an ilvl requirement and a few notes. When people apply you can see their name, class, spec, and ilvl. In a way, people are applying and you can accept or decline.

We listed ourselves and asked for 3 DPS, and within 10 seconds we had a list of 30+ people wanting to join us.

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The Quests of a Hero

I do one of these types of posts every time a game or expansion comes out with lots of questing. 

Let me take a step back.

What'd you guys do this weekend? I played a lot of WoW with just a little bit of Overcooked 2 mixed in to break things up in the evenings. 

During my foray into Kul'Tiras and Zandalar, I spent many hours rediscovering what it meant to be a hero of the realm. Every cutscene that refers to me, I'm the "Champion of the Alliance" or "Hero" or some really grandiose important awesome title. In fact I'm pretty sure we were saviors of the world last expansion.

What kind of things would a hero be doing in Kul'Tias you ask? Well, let me assure you it's all quite grand.

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Expeditions Feel A LOT Like PvP

My tank buddy (Yotor) and I have been grinding out the dungeons and expeditions the past two days. We went into a few expeditions, and I really wasn’t prepared for how crazy the NPC’s would act.

By crazy I mean they behave just like players. They jump around, spin in circles, focus on healers, interrupt, cc, you name it. These are some superbly coded NPCs. There was one in particular tonight in a heroic expedition named “Sneaky Pete” who would stunlock me. Absolutely atrocious.

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Questing in BFA has been enjoyable thus far

I really don't know where the past two days have gone. Ever since 3pm yesterday I've been playing Battle for Azeroth (minus work and RL obligations, of course... I'm not into the whole "let's play for 24 hours straight" thing anymore). 

I'm level 117 now, and so far I've completed all of Tiragarde Sound and all but one final area in Drustvar -- those are Alliance questing zones.

There are some incredibly good quest lines in these two zones. There are also quite a few of those 'filler' quests that just keep you going through the motions in a manic-like state, but every once in a while a real good story quest hits you in the face.

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Our In-Game WoW Community for BFA

Battle for Azeroth launches in exactly 1 hour 30 minutes. If you're looking for people to chill with, we have a small community of people who just like to hang out. No raids, no drama, no nonsense like that. We're just chatting and having a good time.

Our in-game guild is Alliance on Fenris if you need a home. Our Discord Community and In-game Community are open to the public, so feel free to join! Simply click the images below.

Keen and Graev's Community in WoW

Discord Community

KGC on Fenris

KGC Guild on Fenris

KGC In-game Community

Several of us are wanting to do Mythic Dungeons on a consistent basis. That's about as far as I'm preparing to go right now, but plan to keep my options open. If I find a casual raiding group that needs a healer, I'll probably look into joining.

I'm excited to dive into this expansion knowing literally nothing! I don't even know what zones there are to quest in, or how any of this story will play out. That should make for quite an entertaining couple of weeks.

Until launch, I patiently wait next to Magni with the rest of the zerg.


Here’s what I’m playing on BFA eve

This weekend was pretty good for games. BFA comes out tomorrow, so I tried to to load up on a variety of games pass the time.

No Man’s Sky

Graev and I are taking our time exploring. We had a minor frustrating moment when we couldn’t figure out why I had a quest he didn’t have, when neither of us has played without the other. I have an Awakening quest that says something about exploring the universe and he doesn’t. We both chose the same options. Anyone know anything about that? Also, when we both entered the first big anomaly and docked with it, I talked to the little guy and he gave me a choice for an upgrade but Graev wasn’t offered one. That was yet again frustrating for him. Would love input there from any of you vets.

Otherwise, we’re having fun exploring. It’s a bit of a slog at times to spend -so- much time gathering resources. That’s probably my biggest critique. I love flying, exploring, fighting, etc., but there’s a huge emphasis on gathering resources and not much time on using them. In fact, the very act of gathering resources leads to needing more resources to recharge the item I’m using to gather resources.

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