When the Rumors Don’t Match the Studio’s Capabilities

Daybreak’s recent layoff shakeup caused a lot of people (myself included) to sincerely doubt the future of their portfolio. Inevitably, whenever layoffs like this occur, some people take to the internet and do a little “tell all” — usually on Reddit. This has been no exception.

An unnamed ‘leaker’ took to Reddit with a post about what’s happening with EverQuest, Planetside, H1Z1/Just Survive, etc.

Here are the highlights:

  • H1Z1 limping along
  • Just Survive probably sunsetting
  • Planetside 2 limping along
  • Planetside 3 in development as a battle royale / territory builder
  • EverQuest & EverQuest 2 are getting final expansions
  • Everquest 3 is in development again to compete with Pantheon and will be a team-based battle royale pvp game
  • DCUO still exists

Okay. Let’s get real here for a second.

I totally believe that the H1Z1 and Just Survive franchises are failing, and I think Planetside 2 and EverQuest/EQ2 are on their last legs. That’s a given and I don’t think any leak with details surprises anyone.

Where I have a hard time believing these rumors is the mention of Planetside 3 and EQ3.

I really struggle to believe that Daybreak had the teams to execute a new AAA MMO with battle royale PvP, nor do I see them having had a team to pull off Planetside 3 as a team-based alternative to Fortnite.

If I didn’t see them having that BEFORE they canned 70+ people… how can we believe these rumors now? And the worst thing you can possibly do to a company is trash the faith the customers have in it BEFORE trying to pump out two big products. It’s not adding up for me.

Possible? Yes, of course. Probable? Not at all. Put me in the “I don’t believe it” category, and if I’m wrong then that’s awesome.

  • It sort of depends what these “new” products really mean. If EQ3 is an ongoing attempt to craft another full scale fantasy MMORPG again, even on the foundations left behind from EQN and Landmark, I have a tough time seeing this come to fruition.

    If, on the other hand, EQ3 means they’re going to slap fantasy are assets left over from EQN and Landmark on top of the H1Z1/Just Survive engine and call it Norrath, I could see it happening. I’m just not sure I want to see it happening.

    A Norrath version of Just Survive might not be a bad thing. Just Survive had its moments. The problem was mostly once you were able to setup a base and survive the fun started to melt away.

    Anyway, we’ll see I suppose.

  • I am not buying all of that either. They were working on a new game. They have had positions open for an unnamed game. I doubt that they were working on two new games.

  • given how most old MMOs go i could kind of see eq at least chugging a long like ultima has. I also like how pantheon is the benchmark for competition from a developer who use to create AAA games.