What’d You Play This Weekend? I Played an MMO!

This weekend got away fast. I had lots to do on Saturday and Sunday, so I ended up only getting in a little bit of time on the one game I played a bunch of: EverQuest.

Yep, I played EverQuest again! That shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing that I posted about it several times recently. We’re on the Coirnav progression server having a good time. It’s exactly the same as every new progression server, though. If that hasn’t been your thing in the past, no reason to expect it to be any different this time around.

I’m enjoying the Cleric, and will likely have more to say once I join a formal group. Right now I’m still low enough level (12) that I’m meleeing and even tanking for the group. In fact, just an hour ago I was in a group where I was the puller, main assist, AND tank… as a Cleric. The rest of the group were mages, wizards, and an enchanter. Go figure.

I did play one other game: Dragon Quest Builders. My wife and I are playing together. We’re on the third chapter (city). We didn’t like the location of the second chapter as much because it was too gloomy. The third chapter, though a desolate wasteland, is more enjoyable. Each chapter we get better at making a base/city.

How about you guys? Let me know… Warframe? 😛 That has been a very popular response to this weekly question I ask. I still haven’t given it a try, and I may never. I watched it on a Twitch stream once and it seemed super hi-syfy action shooter’ish. I’m sorta over those right now.

Oh, I will note that Graev is playing Kirby for Switch. I might have to pick that one up…

I also need to pick up Surviving Mars, because I’ve heard good things. If any of you are playing that, please give me a quick synopsis on what types of games it reminds you of, and what a typical play-session might look like. I’m having to handpick my play time lately, so I need to be selective.