What’re You Playing This Weekend? Let Me Guess…

What are you guys all playing this weekend? If I had to guess, I bet a lot of you are playing God of War. That’s the latest, hot and trending release, right?

I let Graev pick it up, and I’m waiting on his feedback. At that point I’ll probably just borrow it from him to play on my own.

This weekend I’m playing mostly PixARK. I’m pretty much level 70, which means I have 10 more levels to squeeze out before I have access to all of the engrams I want.

I’m working on building a really neat underground base. I’m going to have switches to activate platforms, lights, auto-defense turrets, etc. I’m even going to have a cool cliff-side area where I can deploy flying dinos and dock them when I’m not using them.

I’m also going to have some cool lifts and elevator systems to lower me down into this massive cavern we have below our base with lots of neat creatures.

The end-game is a mystery to me. Maybe we’re almost to the end-game? Maybe there are world bosses I haven’t found? Still exploring that side of things as I play. My bronto base is in the works as well, but I’m going to finish that once my main base is finished.

Let me know what you’re playing!

  • I’ve been playing a lot of Secret World Legends. I loved the story of The Secret World the first time I played through it, but stopped playing in 2016, when they stopped adding content. Didn’t bother to install Secret World Legends after the relaunch, until about a month ago, when they announced new content was coming. Now, I’m working my way through the story again (currently in Kaiden), so I can get finally see what they do with season 2 after 2 years of waiting.

    • That’s pretty cool. 🙂 I haven’t played Secret World since it originally came out. Was a neat idea of a game.

    • Casual WoW or raider? I always think, “oh maybe I’ll go back and just level something,” but always fear I’ll bore too quickly.

    • God of War is a pretty big release this year. It’s a reboot of sorts from the popular series on consoles from years back.

  • I never know for sure until I sit down to play. Most likely GW2, particularly WvW which is particularly involving on Yak’s bend right now – although not as much as last week, which was catalysmic.

    I spent most of yesterday leveling my EQ Necromancer on Vox. Level 41 now and still loving it. I’m curious to see at what point leveling slows down from a sprint to a grind. I’ve heard not until the 70s.

    Other than that I might give Auteria another look and I have the final part of the Signature crafting quest line in EQ2 to finish. Plus I might look around for something new. Still some MMOs out there I haven’t tried.