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What’re You Playing This Weekend? Let Me Guess…

What are you guys all playing this weekend? If I had to guess, I bet a lot of you are playing God of War. That’s the latest, hot and trending release, right?

I let Graev pick it up, and I’m waiting on his feedback. At that point I’ll probably just borrow it from him to play on my own.

This weekend I’m playing mostly PixARK. I’m pretty much level 70, which means I have 10 more levels to squeeze out before I have access to all of the engrams I want.

I’m working on building a really neat underground base. I’m going to have switches to activate platforms, lights, auto-defense turrets, etc. I’m even going to have a cool cliff-side area where I can deploy flying dinos and dock them when I’m not using them.

I’m also going to have some cool lifts and elevator systems to lower me down into this massive cavern we have below our base with lots of neat creatures.

The end-game is a mystery to me. Maybe we’re almost to the end-game? Maybe there are world bosses I haven’t found? Still exploring that side of things as I play. My bronto base is in the works as well, but I’m going to finish that once my main base is finished.

Let me know what you’re playing!

What’d You Play This Weekend? I Played an MMO!

This weekend got away fast. I had lots to do on Saturday and Sunday, so I ended up only getting in a little bit of time on the one game I played a bunch of: EverQuest.

Yep, I played EverQuest again! That shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing that I posted about it several times recently. We’re on the Coirnav progression server having a good time. It’s exactly the same as every new progression server, though. If that hasn’t been your thing in the past, no reason to expect it to be any different this time around.

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What Did You Play This Weekend?

As we wrap up the weekend, I'm curious what games you all are playing.

Here's my list:


We blew up the meteor tonight! I have a video and write-up coming tomorrow. It was awesome to see this feature play out even cooler than we expected. Many of you have asked me whether or not this means the game has ended. Nope! In fact, shortly after the meteor blew up people went on talking about what they were building next. 

Our server will likely stay up and as-is for a little while. We may add mods or restart the world (bigger this time) with mods or simply keep it vanilla.

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What Did You Play This Weekend?

As the weekend comes to a close here at the — almost literal — 11th hour, I’m curious to hear about the games YOU played. I think my time was quite obviously spent in ECO, which is an immersive and realistic sandbox building/surviving game. The Keen and Graev Community has our very own server that we actively play on and maintain, which has been the crucial component of how much fun I’ve been having.

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What Did You Play This Weekend?

Before we get to what we played this weekend, let’s remember there are some cool games coming out this week: ECO and Dragon Quest Builders (Switch). I’m glad to have more distractions.

My time this weekend, specifically Friday through Sunday, was spent playing:

  1. Monster Hunter World – By far the most time. Dropped like 5 hours on Saturday without breaking a sweat.
  2. Assassin’s Creed Revelations – My wife and I are playing through the games in order and we’re making great progress! Next up we’ll have to figure out how to play AC3 since it doesn’t have a PS4 remaster, and I hate playing on the PS3 if I can avoid it.
  3. Subnautica – I’m making my way to the end! I really wish I could attach torpedos to my Cyclops and blow those Leviathan all to kingdom come. Unfortunately, there’s this weird “no weapons” mantra from the devs.
  4. Skyrim on Switch – Loving it. Chipping away at the game a few quests at a time.

I know some of my friends have been playing oldies like Baldur’s Gate 2 and FF11 (Nasomi). Others dabbled once again in WoW after the allied races happened.

What about you?