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The Lost Art of the Enchanter

Playing an Enchanter on EverQuest’s TLP Agnarr server has reminded me of how much the art of the Enchanter class has been lost on modern MMOs. Enchanters fill a role that doesn’t really exist anymore. It’s the role of crowd-control spells and support. The class also fills a strange role of jack-of-all-trades with its charm […]

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Double EXP in EQ This Weekend

This weekend is DOUBLE exp weekend in EverQuest! To put that into perspective, I gained 10 levels today. To go from 28-38 took my Necro and Shaman MORE than twice as long because groups are lasting longer for me as an Enchanter. We’re talking over a week longer. People are now also way more spread […]

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EverQuest Circlet of Shadow on Agnarr!

Kunark launched tonight on the EverQuest Agnarr Timelocked Progression Server! My friend and I had one goal for the day: Get the Circlet of Shadow. Circlet of Shadow is a clickable item that allows Necromancers and Shadow Knights to use Gather Shadows which is an invisibility spell. The trick is, if you get it within these […]

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