Double EXP in EQ This Weekend

This weekend is DOUBLE exp weekend in EverQuest! To put that into perspective, I gained 10 levels today. To go from 28-38 took my Necro and Shaman MORE than twice as long because groups are lasting longer for me as an Enchanter. We’re talking over a week longer.

People are now also way more spread out. There weren’t 30 picks of Unrest and Guk —  in fact there were only 2 or 3 at most.

That means there are fewer people, which also means more mobs per zone. Today we were pulling gain pulls non-stop and I able to rake in an hour every 20-30 minutes until things slowed down in the mid 30s.

I can often be quoted for saying the best part of EQ is the journey — the leveling experience. I find it noteworthy that this journey is fun whether it’s 10 levels in a day, or a 6 month endeavor. Time seems to play almost no part in my enjoyment beyond the excitement of watching the exp flow in very fast.

Something about succeeding in EverQuest gives me the urge to keep going.

Our goal (my friend and I leveling characters together) is 50 by the end of the holiday weekend. Anyone else enjoying EQ this weekend?

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