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I Guess I’m Playing EverQuest

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Two days ago I sounded really hesitant and said I was 50/50 on whether or not I would play again. I told the K&G Community I’d play again if others played with me, and before I knew it there was a team of people assembling once again.

So unless something changes and everyone backs out, I’m playing a Dwarf Cleric. The rest of my team consists of a Monk, Enchanter, and Paladin. If you’re wanting to join us in 3 weeks, be sure to make yourself known in our Discord.

We’re pretty much casuals. Some of us are uber casuals with young kids and only play at night while others are casual but will play throughout the day. We’re not hardcore. We won’t be power-leveling like the pros — meaning we won’t be level 50 in less than a week. We won’t be raiding. Right from the start our plan is clear that unless we stumble bassackward into a raid, we won’t be aspiring to do any. I don’t even know if we’re forming a guild. We’re grouping and showing up to the fun.


I don’t feel like I have to justify why I keep going back. It’s fun, therefore I play. But when I told Graev I was going to play again he gave me the sourest look of disgust and said, “Isn’t it time to move on? After 20 years don’t you think it’s time to play something else?” I think I do a pretty good job of playing just about everything that comes out. I skip a few games here and there, but I try almost all of them.

I like EQ. I like leveling. I like grouping. Even in a group that doesn’t chat — which weirdly happens in modern EQ — I find myself liking the ‘hunker down and slay mobs’ gameplay. I don’t like running around and looking for things. I like sitting and hunting. EQ provides that experience.

Again, always looking for friends to play with in Norrath. We’ve met many great friends over the years during these forays.

  • I also wonder why you would spend a significant amount of time playing something you have lackluster enthusiasm for, like settling for methadone because heroin availability is limited.

    Sounds like an a soon to be immemorable time sink.

    • I’ve probably misrepresented how I feel or not properly conveyed my emotions.

      I love EverQuest. I have a sick fascination with new servers for any game.

      In this particular situation, it’s not lackluster enthusiasm. I’m feeling more of a … “I can’t believe I’m playing again because I’ve already played this for so many year.”

      Take out the friends, and I’m 100% not playing. So perhaps there’s is an element of lackluster enthusiasm for once again playing alone.

      Bottom line: EQ is awesome. I want to play, can’t believe there’s not another MMO to play instead, but won’t be playing this time without friends.

  • I don’t think many people would be saying “Why are you still playing golf/chess/scrabble” after 20 years? Don’t you think it’s time to move on?” Many people play one particular game for the whole of their lives or pursue a single hobby. Not saying that’s a particularly good or particularly bad thing – but it’s definitely a commonplace thing. Hardly seems worth making a fuss over one way or the other – if you enjoy it, do it.

    • While absolutely true outside of gaming, there’s without a doubt a common theme of “moving on” in games. Some people will play Counter Strike, Starcraft, or even an old MMO forever, but most people move on to every new $60 buy-to-play game that releases.

      I find myself stuck in between those worlds.