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EverQuest’s Newest Progression Server: Coirnav

It's that time again! EverQuest recently announced their newest progression server. The details of this progression server are only slightly different from the previous iterations.

  • Content unlocks every 12 weeks until Gates of Discord
  • Post GoD, level cap raising expansions happen every 12 and non cap raising happen every 8 weeks
  • Experience is slower than Ragefire/ Lockjaw / Agnarr and closer to Phinigel post-exp boost. Translation: Decently slow but not painful
  • Raids are instanced
  • One character per physical computer

Now to answer the question many of you have already asked...

I don't know.

I'm debating.

I'd say I'm evenly split 50/50 on whether or not I will play on Coirnav. If I do, I'm playing a Cleric. But I don't know if I have it in me to grind in Unrest and Guk again through the pre-Kunark era. Perhaps not this soon.

I have until March 16, 2018 when Coirnav progression server launches.

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  • As someone currently raiding on Agnarr this is really baffling timing for a new TLP. It’s going to have a dramatic impact on Agnarr’s population. I wish they had announced this after Agnarr had already been in PoP for a time. People would be ready to move on by then.

    For my niche late-night Pacific time raiding guild of which we are the only one, I fear the impact this will have on our raid roster, and will be surprised if it doesn’t slowly kill it. Being a locked server it would’ve happened eventually anyway but now it’s going to be accelerated by Phinigel 2.0.

    Oh wells. I still enjoy EQ either way and will play where my elf pals play.

    • The timing confuses me as well. There must be a reason for it, and I suspect it’s because subscriptions dropped to a point where they felt the need to once again light the fire.