The Lost Art of the Enchanter

Playing an Enchanter on EverQuest’s TLP Agnarr server has reminded me of how much the art of the Enchanter class has been lost on modern MMOs.

Enchanters fill a role that doesn’t really exist anymore. It’s the role of crowd-control spells and support. The class also fills a strange role of jack-of-all-trades with its charm spells to make enemies fight each other, thus creating quite a DPS boost for the group.

Content in EverQuest, and pretty much all older MMORPGs, relied on someone in the group making it so that “adds” wouldn’t overwhelm and kill the group. The role was crucial because monsters in the game were actually a real threat and couldn’t (under normal, non-twinked, non-powerleveled circumstances) just be AoE’d and DPS’d down imemdiately.

I’ve really enjoyed the past few days of felling like my contribution to a group is more than just DPS rotations. I like that there’s a feeling of coordination.

I like classes that fill a vital role. I’m a believer that a game should really support all classes fulfilling a unique role, and most if not all of them a vital role to some extent. The Enchanter is that class. It can be a DPS indirectly by charming, it can provide the best mana regen buff and a great attack speed buff, and it can mesmerize the adds that come so that the group can focus one down at a time.

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