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Sea of Thieves to Add More Content

Sea of Thieves devs are aiming their cannons directly at the game's biggest critique: A lack of content. People savagely critiqued the game for simply being an empty world with nothing to do once the novelty of being a pirate wears off.

While I agree with this lack of 'things to do' to a certain extent, I will push back and say that people have largely forgotten what it means to have fund and make your own fun and content in an open world where players are the content. Regardless, Sea of Thieves devs are attempting to remedy this problem.

How? With more content, and an attempt to create a content/patch cadence for updating the game to bring more for players to do. 

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P-High-Rates Life fer Me

I've been having an absolute blast in Sea of Thieves -- pun intended. There have been so many memorable moments this past week that I really can't get behind the idea that Sea of Thieves doesn't have a lot of content.

Sure, if you grind quests and you're looking for a RPG or MMO then this obviously isn't going to float your boat -- pun intended again.

Here are a couple of fun / funny moments from this week.

P.S. There's a video after the jump.

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Tossed Upon the Waves By a Monstrous Storm in Sea of Thieves

Whether Sea of Thieves enough content is up for debate, but what isn't debatable in my mind is how amazing this game is at creating heart-pounding moments of adventure.

Tonight I was sailing around islands capturing chickens and pigs for the Merchant's Alliance when I was suddenly overtaken by a tremendous storm. "No big deal, I can weather this one," I thought.

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Sea of Salty Thieves

Sea of Thieves came out today! Yes, that’s an exclamation point at the end of that sentence. I used one because I’m excited. That’s a statement coming from someone who played the alpha and beta tests, and knew exactly what kind of game I was getting.

I’ve written a few times now about what kind of game Sea of Thieves is and what kind of game Sea of Thieves is not.

Despite there being no room for confusion after so many beta tests being open to the public, and so many people streaming the game, there are still countless salty sea dogs posting bad reviews on meta critic, reddit, and anywhere they can share their opinions. Most of them are complaining about what the game is not.

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