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Loving the New Gunlance Meta in MHW

This morning Graev texts me a link to a video of the new gunlance meta people are figuring out in Monster Hunter World which focuses entirely on shelling.

The playstyle involves using the Zorah gunlance and basically using nothing but charged shells. The build maximizes damage output with artillary 3 and focus 3 (which reduces the charge time). The Zorah gunlance is best right now because uses a specific kind of "long" shell and level 4 shot.


Since I've been playing Lance exclusively for weeks, the transition wasn't too hard. I ran a few zorah runs today, made a lance, grabbed the artillary necklace, started planning out a few pieces of gear, and now I'm rockin it. Just a few more upgrades and I'll be able to crank out the gunlance shelling meta game.

Why do I like the build? Because it's simple. It doesn't require me to overly position myself, time something just right, know a ton of combos, etc. I can stand there a guard, then shell shell shell.

I probably spent 4 hours playing today and having a blast (pun intended) killing Negigante, Bez, etc. 

Monster Hunter World continues to provide this weird sort of frustratingly challenging fun.