Sea of Thieves Wishlist

Sea of Thieves Wishlist

Sea of Thieves launches in just one week! I've had a great time playing the various beta tests over the past year. I'm happy to see the game finally launching and allowing us to save our progress, sail the seas with friends, and all-around be a pirate.

Though the game is remarkably fun, I still have a wishlist for things I'd like to see coming shortly after launch. Given we haven't seen everything, some of these may pleasantly surprise me by already being in the game.


Complex Puzzles and Treasure Hunts

All of the treasure hunts have been pretty easy during beta. The best adventures were those where the treasure was gated behind several clues that weren't immediately apparent. In fact, my favorite ones were the "walk x paces from the such and such." I liked having to figuring out the point of reference, then have to figure out the paces.

There was one quest where I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out the riddle. I'd like those more complicated hunts to be prevalent in the game -- at least beyond the first tier or two of missions. I want complicated puzzles, riddles, and long voyages to distant shores.

Cosmetic Upgrades for Pirates and Ships

I know there will be some element of this in the game already. In beta you could buy different outfits. I'd like to see cosmetic upgrades really matter because right now they're the only thing that does. There are no weapon upgrades -- heck, there's not even a character customization option. 

I want my ship to be decorated the way I like it, with my choice of paints, insignia, lighting effects, you name it.

Famous Enemy NPC Ships

Right now the enemies in the game are very limited. There are skeletons and sharks. I think that's it? Drawing a blank...

I want to see massive skeleton vessels crewed by the damned! I want to Davy Jones' ship bursting out of the water and chasing plaers. 

More Diverse Enemies

This riffs off the previous one a bit, but more enemy variety would be nice. Skeletons and Sharks are cool and all, but I'd like more. 

They could easily add a Kraken and other pirate NPCs. Players simply aren't around enough to make every sessions an 'edge-of-your-seat' moment. I realize not everyone wants lots of PvP -- I don't myself -- but having more around would be cool.

Rare Collectibles

I would love to find rare things to collect. Ships in a bottle, coins, baubles, or anything. I think finding rare things and being able to collect them would be fun. A nice place to showcase them could be in the ship hold or captain's quarters. Maybe even a private room somewhere. See below.

Reasons to Stay Ashore

Whether it's pub games, bad weather,  player housing (see below), and anything of that sort, I'd love to have more reasons to stay on shore.

I think pub games in the taverns are probably the most realistic option. Whether it's some pirate dice game (like in Pirates of the Caribbean), or dominos, or a card game, it'd be fun to have a way to unwind from a stressful voyage. 

Player Housing / Taverns

This is where things get a little more pipe-dreamy. I think having player housing on  islands would be really cool. 

Since the world is a limited size and populated by the game at random, it could make sense to place a set number of player islands on the map at a time. That map would always load your personal house on it, with your crew's houses on the island too. Your house could hold your rare collectibles, cosmetic items, etc.  

Maybe even allowing players to create a tavern would be neat. Other players could sail there and buy things like ales and grog to give buffs, or trade things. I don't know... just some cool idea I had imagining sailing to one of those player islands and interacting with other pirates onshore.

Bigger Map

The map is decent size, but I'd love a bigger map. This would hopefully encourage them to put more players on the map at once, and allow more easily to populate the map with player's ships. There would also be more room to add complex puzzles/treasure hunts. 

If not a bigger map, at least I hope they consider MORE maps. Maybe a map with a longer shoreline rather than tiny islands.