Sea of Salty Thieves

Sea of Thieves came out today! Yes, that’s an exclamation point at the end of that sentence. I used one because I’m excited. That’s a statement coming from someone who played the alpha and beta tests, and knew exactly what kind of game I was getting.

I’ve written a few times now about what kind of game Sea of Thieves is and what kind of game Sea of Thieves is not.

Despite there being no room for confusion after so many beta tests being open to the public, and so many people streaming the game, there are still countless salty sea dogs posting bad reviews on meta critic, reddit, and anywhere they can share their opinions. Most of them are complaining about what the game is not.



Master Pirate Moves in Sea of Thieves

I’m pretty proud of myself, so I just have to brag and share the awesome moments I had in the Sea of Thieves closed beta yesterday.

I had about 30 minutes to kill so I hopped into the game thinking I would just sail around in a one-man dinghy. In the past (Alpha) I hadn’t encountered a lot of players. Usually I could sail for an hour and see no one. That’s why I was shocked when I saw a massive set of sails on the horizon.