Tossed Upon the Waves By a Monstrous Storm in Sea of Thieves

Whether Sea of Thieves enough content is up for debate, but what isn't debatable in my mind is how amazing this game is at creating heart-pounding moments of adventure.

Tonight I was sailing around islands capturing chickens and pigs for the Merchant's Alliance when I was suddenly overtaken by a tremendous storm. "No big deal, I can weather this one," I thought.


The storm was getting so bad that I just had to start recording. My compass was spinning wildly out of control and my ship was taking on so much water I couldn't keep it bailed fast enough.

I lower my sails but then found myself only spinning in what appeared to be a whirlpool! The tide had risen so much that the island I was going to became engulfed entirely in water! 

I eventually caught the window, lower my sails, and got away from the whirlpool when I realized (too late) that my ship had taken on so much water from the waves and elements that I couldn't keep her afloat. 

Alas, at least I recovered my chalice.

  • That is very impressive.

    I don’t believe I have ever seen such a engrossing representation of capsizing and potentially drowning in a game.

    Can you drown, and is there any controller feedback (I suppose limited to vibration) to heighten the sense of urgency while floating in the maelstrom?

    • You can definitely drown, and there’s feedback. There’s also feedback in how the ship wheel responds. You can kind of see it in the video. It feels like you’re turning a vessel against the wind and tide.

  • That made a pretty good impression of what sort of caution you need to take just sailing – really cool. What would happen to your chalice – is there a sea bottom it rests on so anyone can recover it? Or just lost forever into the deep?

  • Loving this game so far. It’s one of the very few worth buying at launch for me, I’m usually a bargain bin gamer. I don’t know how many hours I spent out to sea with my friends this week but I’ve almost got enough gold for new sails. .

    Lots of hate on the internet but it all seems to be from people conditioned by a lifetime of shitty skinner box games. “What’s the point of having fun if your character isn’t growing in power?!” Ugh.

    • Amen to that! I had someone say to me, “I played for two hours and couldn’t figure out the point.” Umm… play as a pirate and have fun?