P-High-Rates Life fer Me

I've been having an absolute blast in Sea of Thieves -- pun intended. There have been so many memorable moments this past week that I really can't get behind the idea that Sea of Thieves doesn't have a lot of content.

Sure, if you grind quests and you're looking for a RPG or MMO then this obviously isn't going to float your boat -- pun intended again.

Here are a couple of fun / funny moments from this week.

P.S. There's a video after the jump.


The 10 Year Old True Pirates

This was bound to happen eventually. I got paired with some crazy kids playing on Xbox Live, and they pulled a fast one on me.

I join in and I'm greeted by some giggling and squeaky voices. Suddenly I'm locked up in the brig by my own team and they start laughing hysterically. It was then I heard the squeakiest say, "He's locked up! Drown him!"

They began to fill the hold with water buckets, and before I knew it I was kneck deep in water. I just laughed and played along with them in pirate roleplay. I played my Hurdy-gerdy until they drown me.

Can't be mad at them for being real pirates. Loved it.

The Highrate

I was teamed up with some interesting dude bros today. We saw a galleon in the distance at one of the skull raid fort events and decided to head that way. The guy who was acting as our captain quickly said, "let me take a hit on this sweet bowl bros and then we'll go."

You can imagine how that one went.

We pulled up right alongside the other galleon, and it went south from there. Here's the video. Warning: The Highrates have foul mouths.

Believe it or not, we went back 3 times and died horribly each time. Come to find out, the team was just too high to shoot straight. Though utterly obliterated, that was a ton of fun!

  • I must be getting old because neither of those events sound even in the ballpark of fun to me.

    • The frustration of being locked up or losing a battle was quickly erased by the humor of the situation (being locked up) and the epic battle of fighting another ship. Despite being wrecked in both cases, those were fun moments of gameplay.