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Everything You Need to Know About Sea of Thieves

The Sea of Thieves team made a fantastic video showcasing 'everything' you need to know about Sea of Thieves. I highly recommend you give it a watch.


If you missed my recent post about My Sea of Thieves Wishlist, I also recommend you give it a read. I think it highlights well where the game is missing a few things I wish it had.

Also, as we near the release here next week, it's important to continue to debunk expectations and rumors and clearly identify what Sea of Theives is NOT.

Sea of Thieves is NOT a MMORPG! It's a multiplayer action-adventure game where you sail the ocean and behave like a fun-loving pirate.

Sea of Thieves is NOT a PvE game! There are a few NPCs around the world, but it's the players who really create the interactions that dictate the flow of the game. This is often, fortunately or unfortunately, PvP.

Sea of Thieves is NOT a RPG! There's no character progression whatsoever outside of cosmetic upgrades. There isn't gear progression -- all weapons do the same damage -- and there's no other form of permanence. Sea of Thieves is a "log in and have an adventure" type game where each play-session is a self-contained gameplay experience. 

Lest you worry that this somehow means the game isn't fun, I have to say the game is marvelously fun. Each time you log in is a new adventure, and worth every penny for the amount of fun you'll have sailing the seas. Just don't go in assuming it's something it's not, which in this case is super easy to do.