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Monster Hunter World: Which Weapon Should I Use?

That question just about sums up my entire Monster Hunter World experience thus far. Which weapon should I use?

I’m stuck trying to make that determination. I loathe the question. To me it’s like playing a MMORPG and struggling to find a class you like. You know you have to choose one and stick with it before you go too far, otherwise you’ll be wasting time and resources.

So far I’ve tried these weapons:

  • Charge Blade – Really don’t like it. Too combo/attention driven for me. Not enough “sit back and relax”.
  • Hammer – Decent, but super short range. Not sure I got the combos right, but a contender.
  • Long Sword – Not bad, but a little boring. I don’t really like it.
  • Light Bowgun – This one was cool, but micromanaging bowgun ammo was a chore. Probably like this one just as much as hammer, making it tied for first.
  • Bow – Now here’s a cool weapon that mixes between super basic and just enough ‘different’. I think it relies heavily on the Dragonpierce shot, though. Somewhat a one-trick pony. I like the range, though.
  • Heavy Bowgun – Too slow
  • Greatsword – Too slow and calculating for me

What I don’t like are the statements like “any weapon will work,” when I know that’s true yet not at the same time. While any weapon does work, some are definitely a big effort, and some have huge skill curves. Greatsword, for example, is amazing… in the hands of a pro. In the hands of a novice and you’re asking for a hellacious experience.

Light Bowgun, while fun, seems underwhelming solo. It’s all about status impairment with moderate DPS. Bow on the other hand feels like a little more damage with minor status affects. I want to potentially main the Bow, but I don’t want my DPS to make killing anything take forever.

Hammer seems the most direct. Bash the head. Learn a few good combos and bash away. But that range makes getting up close and personal a real chore — yet not something I can’t learn to do.

Graev and I are playing co-op and having fun. We’re working our way through the story at a slow pace as we upgrade our gears. We’re definitely still low tier.

If anyone has a few anecdotes or experience with MH games — particularly this one — and wants to drop a few recommends or hunts my weapon please do so!

  • Have you tried Lance? its pretty good. Also Glaive I like a lot, thats what I am maining. its like a 2h polearm/spear

  • The thing is, and I’m really not trying to be insulting: all weapons are viable, you just really have to give them all a try and see what works for you.

    I can recommend you to watch the weapon overview videos by Arekks on Youtube (/user/ArekkzG), he has a series of 10min-ish videos each talking extensively about each weapon from before released, and he just started posting a very in-depth series of tutorials (so far only covering the charged blade, but he started posting yesterday), so watching those will definitely give you an idea of what is the general use case and which weapons are simpler or more complicated.

    But besides going to the training area and giving each weapon a shot for a little while, there isn’t much that will absolutely answer that question because it’s really different for each person.

    I’m personally focusing on the longsword for solo play and hammer for group (hammer is fantastic to stun enemies, but the range makes playing solo kind of a chore IMO).

    • I totally get that each weapon is viable. But for a complete noob, they’re not all created equal.

      Oddly enough, I think I AM going Charge Blade now that Graev spent an hour teaching me all the moves.

      It really is a matter of practice and training.

  • Btw theres a monster hunter type of mmo on ios / andriod with housing, pets, gardening, etc called Toram Online.

    You can even break off parts of enemies and the like and theres really indepth crafting and harvesting.