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Monster Hunter Kicks My Butt

For some reason I find the Monster Hunter games really difficult. When going into combat, I watch Graev effortlessly fight these monsters and rarely use potions. He’s always in the right place; I’m always in the wrong place. When furious with my performance and exasperated by the day’s hunt, I ask him if I’m just bad. He tells me, “You’re not bad, I just have over 1,000 hours of experience playing Monster Hunter.”

I’m not one of ‘those’ gamers who is just a pro at everything, but I’m also not one to feel like my grandma trying to wrap her mind around Mario Kart either. I’m generally pretty good at games. Yet for some reason unknown, this game eludes me.

I’m once again switching weapons. I tried the Charge Blade for two days. I watched an hour of video guides, went to 2 hours of Graev school, and fought plenty of monsters. I get how the weapon works, I’m just not good at executing it.

I’m making the switch to Lance now because of its defensive nature. Thus far, I can definitely say I’m performing better. The Lance allows me to do some really neat blocking and counter attacking, and despite the Charge Blade having a shield, I never felt as beefy as I do using the Lance.

Watching streams of other people just flying through the game is a real punch in the gut. Am I the only one who sucks at this? Tell me there’s a kindred spirit out there.

  • You’re not bad. Monster Hunter just has a serious learning curve.

    I’m not playing World (don’t have a system that can play it), and the only MH I did play was years ago… on the Wii I think. Might have been MH Tri something something. It was HARD. I died a lot. I struggled a lot. My first fights with large monsters were failures.

    But I found a weapon that worked for me more or less, I practiced. A LOT. And over time, that first big monster was defeated. Then slowly, another. And another. Suddenly, that first monster wasn’t hard anymore.

    When Graev told you he had a lot of hours into the game, this is really the key. Don’t give up. Keep trying, keep learning. Learn monster animations and motion cues. It takes a lot of time to get used to battle in MH. But it can be done! And it feels really good when you achieve it.

    Good luck!

  • You are definitely not alone. As a complete newb to the series, I’m getting my ass handed to me more times than not. I do okay with a few monsters, but then there are some that I just can’t find a way to master (I hate you Anjanath, you stun-locking, cheap-attacking bastard).

    I pretty much switched to using hammer all the time, and I’m doing better with it then I was doing with the longsword, but I still struggle a lot. I think that most of the times, I just rush into combat too often; habits of playing other, more forgiving games. Learning to wait and read the monster’s tells is probably gonna help.