K&G E3 2010: Sony’s Press Conference Commentary

Sony wraps up the last of the big three console press conferences and we’ve just finished watching.  Our commentary below will give you our insights into what was announced and shown.  Microsoft really failed to bring anything and Nitendo set the bar high with a lot of exclusive games and some brand new surprising announcements.  Read on to find out where Sony landed at this year’s E3.

Killzone 3 – Showcasing a lot of action and good graphics.

PlayStation Move (Enhanced by Move) and/or 3D

Crysis 2
Mortal Kombat
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Tron Evolution: The Video Game
Gran Tourismo 5
and more…

PlayStation Move

It looks like a glowing icecream cone and there isn’t much more to this idea of “move” other than an alleged improvement upon the Wiimote.  Sony may be improving upon the motion technology for a hand-held device and how it integrates into the games, but where is the necessity in the core gaming for motion controls like this?  Baseball games, little big planet, and other games offer a few neat tricks for motion but you don’t see it being used on games like Killzone 3… it’s being used in games designed for motion gaming.   Is that a bad thing?  Lets see what games they’re making to utilize it…

Lots of commentary and our thoughts on Sony’s Motion Games as well as a few of their surprises.  Read (more…)


K&G’s E3 2010: Nintendo Press Conference Commentary

After Microsoft’s Conference being a complete failure to show anything for gamers, it falls to Nintendo to set the bar.  The conference is about to start and below you will find our thoughts and commentary on what was shown.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Nintendo is coming out way strong with a new Zelda game!

– It uses the Wiimote with Wii Motion Plus and the nunchuck for real time sword and shield motion.  Unfortunately the motion tracking appeared to be complete trash as Shigeru Miyamoot was on stage trying to get it to work.  It was really, really off and we cringed feeling really embarrassed for them.  At one point in the presentation they actually asked if anyone was using a wireless device because they were getting a lot of “wireless interference” — doh!  (Probably a Sony Employee in the audience!)

– It looks beautiful.  Amazing graphics.  Really nice animations.  Compared to a somewhat muddy looking Zelda last released on the Wii, Skyward Sword appears to be using a ton of stylization and color to make a vibrant world.

– The concept seems like it would work.  Shield bashing and full use of motion to really engage the player in the game as Link.  If it worked, this would be an acceptable use of motion control in a game compared to what has been shown at E3 so far.

– A new item called the “Beetle” was shown.  They tried to show us what it did but … well it wasn’t working because of the “wireless interference”.  In the trailer we saw that it can grab thing s and fly with them like taking a bomb to a wall.  The Whip was also shown which collects items and possible stuns enemies(?).

– Ack.  Not available until next year.  Well, perhaps it will help with the wireless interference.

Much more commentary and really exciting news below! —-> (more…)


K&G’s E3 2010: Microsoft’s Conference Commentary

We just finished watching the Microsoft Conference/media briefing.  Below is our running commentary on the conference while we watched.  Did Microsoft bring it?

Call of Duty Blackops

– There better be vehicles in multiplayer and the levels better be that big and realized.  Single player looks great but multiplayer will probably be a cop out.  Looked nice and we’ll be getting it on console for Graev and PC for Keen.

Metal Gear Solid Rising (Zan Katsu)

– That cutting stuff was wacky! Kinda cool how the cutting angle could be chosen and the dismemberment was crazy.

Gears of War 3

– Okay the commentary and token girl were goofy.  We’d rather hear Cliffy B tell us about the game and what’s new.

– The new mutated lambent enemies looked really sweet.   We like how they mutated differently and spawned things.

– “Guys… guys… we added girls!  Isn’t this cool?!” (Quoting Graev here.  We were in tears laughing so hard.)

Fable 3

– Peter Molyneux incoming!  Get your hyperbole filter ready.

– We’d rather they keep the same graphics engine and just expand the game and make it awesome.  That video was neat looking but… nothing really new from Fable 2 other than perhaps a few graphical upgrades.

– The look at Fable 3 was way too short.

Codename: Kingdoms

– Crytek. Mmk.  Looks like an answer to God of War but without anything other than a teaser video showing three dudes in gladiator armaments there’s not much to say.

Halo Reach

– Open your jacket a little more guy.  We can’t see that Bungie logo placement well enough.

– There’s not a lot new here that we haven’t seen in every other Hal… ohh shhh is that playable starfighter battles?!  Okay, if that’s playable we got a winner.

Much more commentary below.  —-> (more…)