E3: SWTOR Trailer and a new Final Fantasy MMO

Keen and Graev’s first look at E3 2009’s MMORPG announcements:


graevsaysGraev: I think the trailer looks really cool and something I would definitely be interested in. I regret now not getting more into FF11 because, from the concept, it sounds like something I could have enjoyed. Hopefully this time around I will be able to enjoy 14. Just thinking about it, I bet they won’t have NA servers. The language barrier from 11 is something that put me off. I think a lot more people will play 14 though because in order to play 11 on the PS2 you had to get a hard drive as well as buying the software. For 14 all you’ll need is the game. One downside though to being a PS3 exclusive (I’m betting more than anything PC as well) is that it has a smaller install base than the 360, so they’re potentially limiting their sales which will probably support the theory that they will have shared servers with the Japanese to make up for less people playing – I just can’t imagine them giving us our own server(s).

keensaysKeen: Interesting.  They’re making another one.  I hope and pray that this doesn’t feel like another console port to PC, assuming it comes to PC.  When the announcement dropped he was very clear when he said that, on CONSOLES, it was exclusive to PS3.  I won’t get my hopes up that it will come to PC.  If it doesn’t come to PC then I won’t touch it because Graev will be all over it, but if it does then I’ll more than likely play it with Graev.  I’m not a fan of the character models, which it appears they’re sticking with, and the trailer was severely lacking in the Taru Taru department…  Here’s hoping for a PC version.




keensaysKeen: Hands down the best trailer for a MMO I have ever seen. It’s Star friggin’ Wars people. This trailer was better than movies 1, 2, and 3 combined and represents, hopefully, the quality of production that we’ll see from Bioware now that the greatest IP ever has been handed off. I want gameplay footage!!! It’s a stretch, even for me, to watch this trailer and start speculating about gameplay. I can only express my deepest and sincerest hopes that the gameplay is as smooth and engaging when played as this trailer was when watched. The hype train is pulling out of the station folks and this time it’s not a blogger or a dev at the controls. This trailer has resonated and awoken a sleeping giant of anticipation for all gamers. To paraphrase a comment from SWTOR.com: “The force is now strong enough to pull me away from WoW.”  For those of you who think the hype has already peaked, you will be surprised… [Yoda voice] You will be…

graevsaysGraev: Cool trailer, but that’s all it was. It doesn’t tell me anything about the game – nothing about gameplay. I’m probably one of the only people that hasn’t seen any gameplay of SWTOR, so all the trailer was is something flashy. Bioware has a good track record but I think it would have been even better if they actually showed something.

  • It has been confirmed that FFXIV will release for the PC as well as the PS3, and that it will release simultaneously worldwide. No Japanese headstart this time.

    It’s going to be huge.

  • Fantastic news. Thanks Myrix! Do you know whether or not the servers will be joint servers or if they’ll have North American, Europe, Asian, etc servers?

  • Supposedly there’s a SE press release explaining that FFXIV is going to be available for the PC as well. The exclusive part was meant specifically for the consoles, so it’s for PC and PS3.

    The trailers were both really good, but I just can’t get hyped for a scifi RPG even if it is Star Wars. I use to think a different setting for a RPG would be nice, but I’m over that now nothing goes better with RPG and fantasy.

  • On FFXIV… it annoys me they would mention XIV before XIII has an actual release date.

    TOR- Agree with Graev. Let’s see some gameplay. I can’t even figure out what the game is other than that they keep saying STORY STORY STORY. All they’re talking about is the story and companion characters; let’s hear about the MMO part of it for Christ’s sake.

  • SW:TOR does look like it’s shaping up to be pretty awesome and it was a great trailer for sparking our imaginations. Hopefully Bioware can deliver.

    Have they released any pictures of aliens yet? Just occurred to me that everything we’ve seen has been of humans.

  • @Keen

    No word yet on whether or not servers will be consolidated, or whether or not it will utilize the PlayOnline service. Tons of people are wondering about both.

  • SW:TOR has had at least 3 developer diary videos with bits of gameplay. I remember seeing flying leaps to deliver a lightsaber attack and a couple of force powers, as well as some in-game footage of the trooper and bounty hunter. The trooper is a heavy; if the gun doesn’t knock down the enemy, the trooper will bash the enemy’s head in with the butt of the gun. I’ve seen bits of game footage with the bounty hunter doing everything in the cinematic trailer.

    It’s not much, and largely pre-production or “making of” quality, but there has been some gameplay video.

  • I think it should turn out good. But this is also their first MMO so its new territory.

    One of the things i think should be interesting is the Bioware story approach to MMO quests. Read a good article on MMOrpg.com recently on why MMOs normally have crappy ass story quests. It talked about how people in MMOs tend to not care about stories a lot and just want to level the fastest.

    This is definitely going to be a game where you want to enjoy the ride instead of the ending. Because of that i think it might turn off your average wow type player who’s concern is more quest convenience over story.

  • I hate to use the over used expression wow-killer. But if anyone can do it its bioware, especially with this new trailer. That and I think people are starting to realize that every expansion just does refreshes content but does really add anything too new. I have lots of friends that have played since the beginning and were obsessed and are now starting to become disillusioned…

  • The main thing that the SW:TOR trailer shows is that all classes are meant to be kick-ass. The Jedi (and Sith) are not the uber classes that they were in Rebellion Era Star Wars games. Bounty hunters and Smugglers are going to have their place in the field as well.

    One thing that makes me hopeful is a good interplay between ranged and melee fighting. Although Jedi and Sith are being listed as melee fighters, that just means they have to be up close to deal lots of damage. Force powers will provide them with some ranged CC and other counters to ranged combat kiting.

    I don;t want to see a Rock-Scissors-Paper type of class dominance. Hopefully it will come down to the class that can best utilize the environment of the battlefield.

  • Summary of Square-Enix’s conference:

    Few things confirmed:

    They have new systems in mind that might be “revolutionary” and the job system will not be the same as FFXIs, but it will be in.

    They will not be using PlayOnline (thank god) for account management.

    They are aiming for a wider audience with gameplay that caters to solo, casual players as well as raiding types.

    FFXIV is now on my radar in a big way.

  • If SWTOR tells me to kill 10 Ewoks or 10 of anything if the first few quests. I’ll chalk it up and just another MMO. I don’t want to see it and do it again in another (MMO) skin.

    I really hope this story line ( the 4th pillar) set up makes the difference.

  • From the hands on reviews I’ve read it looks to be anything BUT that, Vort. I’m actually more concerned with people walking away and saying it doesn’t feel like a MMO, but more of a single-player experience with the MMO trimmings. I’ll be writing on that tomorrow.