E3 is here. So much to say. Curse this forced AFK!

Curses upon the house of whoever scheduled finals for half this week, this weekend, and all of next!!  It made going to E3 this year an impossibility and also keeping on top of it very difficult.  Graev has been watching all the conferences live and I’ve been squeezing them in when I can between classes and watching them on DVR as well.  As always, E3 is showing that it is the conference that defines the gaming industry.

We’ll be commenting jointly here at K&G’s Gaming Blog (look for the posts with “Keen and Graev” as the author) on all the major announcements  and even some of the ones that have slipped under the radar.  Look for our E3 posts to come this afternoon and throughout the week.   Be sure to visit our forums as well where folks are weighing in and discussing their favorite things shown so far.

Okay, speak of the devil I have to leave for class in just a few minutes but I want to quickly say that we have a lot to talk about:  Project Natal, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, SWTOR, Marios, L4D2, and so so so so much more!  Don’t miss it.

  • The new Sony motion controller looks amazing! That is a real nice step forward.

  • L4D2 really really surprised me. Aren’t they still patching/adding content to the first one? Strange.

  • lol bwast there is so much crying over L4D2 and so many false rumors etc being thrown around it’s hard to know exactly what will happen. So far Valve says they will be continuing support of L4D1. Whether that will end up being true or not I obviously don’t know nor does anyone else, but it seems like the most we could hope for is the odd bug fix here and there.

  • I didn’t speculate on anything, sto. All I said was that it was strange. Which it is.