Interesting Stuff

I’ve been browsing the internet over the past few days finding all sorts of things that cause me to stop and think “Hey, that’s interesting”. But the catch is that I can’t justify making an entire blog entry dedicated to this…stuff. So, instead I’m going to make “Interesting Stuff” posts where I list and link to things I found interesting. I might comment briefly on them or I might not. Here is the first installment of Interesting Stuff…

Nintendo apologizes for their E3 Media Briefings – As they should! Hmmph! Okay, it wasn’t THAT bad but it was pretty lackluster and definitely aimed at a bizarre market. Satoru Iwata comes right out and states “If there is any perception that Nintendo is ignoring the core gamers, it’s a misunderstanding and we really want to get rid of that misunderstanding by any means,” Iwata said. “We are sorry about [the E3] media briefings…”

Champions Online Trailer – Lots of gameplay that I think looks incredibly boring.

ESA reveals that E3 will return in 09 – Good. I think E3 is a solid convention and we could use less near-useless fan-service and more serious informative events. Those who dislike the new E3 are either the big cash cows who could afford the old BS or punks looking for free t-shirts and posters.

Funcom stock is tanking – I wonder why?

EA CEO says investors don’t care about quality – DUH! That’s business. It’s not exclusive to EA. It has no bearing on their games. It’s simply the mindset of business. They care about earnings per share. To them your character and what he can do in-game means nothing. However, if the leadership of a company can provide a plan that both leads to quality and profit then everyone can be happy. PS: Players are not investors. We are consumers.

DemiGod Trailer – DotA but better… Where do I sign up?!

WAR Ships Sept. 23 (in stores Sept 24) – Thanks for Squigbert for this one. Looks like further evidence that we are indeed going to be playing WAR by late September.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I think I’m going to like this new mini-feature because I’ll be able to comment on a broader scope of topics much more regularly. By all means link to something you found interesting over the past few days. We’ll see how it goes.

  • I was about to comment on the e-mail I got from gamestop with a WAR release date of 9/24, but Squigbert beat me to it. Gamestop has had a placeholder date for ages that’s gradually crept up from October — what do you think the chances are that this is real? They’re pushing it pretty hard for it to be a ‘best guess’.

  • Sept 23rd is a very promising release date for WAR, I’ve been concerned they might drag their various betas too far to build more hype. That’s very encouraging news if it’s true.

    On the investors, yeah ugh business. I wish consumers had a bigger say really. These days it isn’t just about profit, it’s about marketshare. It leaves less room for niche.

    Speaking of niche, I’m looking forward to Champions Online, though I’ll agree that wasn’t the best of previews. I still think City of Heroes got a lot of things right despite the overuse of repetitive content. I’m back playing CoH now actually.

  • I’m hoping they get WAR out on Sept. 23rd, it gives them enough time to really build a solid base provided the game is good, before WOTLK comes.

    I agree 100%, Champions Online looks terrible! THis is the first time I heard of that game, and after watching the trailer… I see why!

    I don’t know why people are so upset with Nintendo, I thought they’re conference was decent. They showed stuff I expected, casual stuff that you can just pickup and play for a short time.

  • “dave” nailed the release date two months ago. I’m just saying. . .


  • Sorry to say, funcom’s stock isnt really tanking…its about that same before AoC was released. They got some good business for a bit there.

  • Though I wonder if I purchased shares at 15 a month in whatever companies game I was playing how many I would have haha

    Anyway, what if players purchased a majority of the stock?

  • I called the 23rd a while back, thanks to Games Workshop in England being shut down over the weekend before that date in preparation for a “private event”.

    Here’s hoping that Gamestop did indeed let the cat out of the bag early. I would definitely be pleased.

  • OMG you just got me to buy the pre order for Demigod with that preview trailor link, I never even heard about the game until today, looks friggen awesome. Thanks!

  • “It has no bearing on their games”

    Yes, that is the mindset of business, but I would argue that it DOES have bearing on their games.