K&G’s E3 2010: Nintendo Press Conference Commentary

After Microsoft’s Conference being a complete failure to show anything for gamers, it falls to Nintendo to set the bar.  The conference is about to start and below you will find our thoughts and commentary on what was shown.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Nintendo is coming out way strong with a new Zelda game!

– It uses the Wiimote with Wii Motion Plus and the nunchuck for real time sword and shield motion.  Unfortunately the motion tracking appeared to be complete trash as Shigeru Miyamoot was on stage trying to get it to work.  It was really, really off and we cringed feeling really embarrassed for them.  At one point in the presentation they actually asked if anyone was using a wireless device because they were getting a lot of “wireless interference” — doh!  (Probably a Sony Employee in the audience!)

– It looks beautiful.  Amazing graphics.  Really nice animations.  Compared to a somewhat muddy looking Zelda last released on the Wii, Skyward Sword appears to be using a ton of stylization and color to make a vibrant world.

– The concept seems like it would work.  Shield bashing and full use of motion to really engage the player in the game as Link.  If it worked, this would be an acceptable use of motion control in a game compared to what has been shown at E3 so far.

– A new item called the “Beetle” was shown.  They tried to show us what it did but … well it wasn’t working because of the “wireless interference”.  In the trailer we saw that it can grab thing s and fly with them like taking a bomb to a wall.  The Whip was also shown which collects items and possible stuns enemies(?).

– Ack.  Not available until next year.  Well, perhaps it will help with the wireless interference.

Much more commentary and really exciting news below! —->

Mario Sports Mix

It’s a game with Basketball, Dodgeball, and other ball-like sports.  It looked fun.  We’re going to check it out.

Wii Party

It’s Mario Party with Mii’s.  We liked this model when it used the Mario license but without it we’re simply not interested at all.  There’s no soul to a game like this and it is borderline shovelware given the achievements they’ve made when this sort of gameplay was carried by Mario.

Just Dance 2

Ummm… leave the dancing to Microsoft.  Horrible looking.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Alright.  Finally some gameplay of the new Golden Sun!

– It looks great and appears to play similar to previous Golden Sun games.
– Available this holiday season.

GoldenEye 007

We knew this was coming because it got leaked early.  Nevertheless…  it’s a classic.  This was THE shooter title that really did establish the future of all shooters on consoles.    The footage looked familiar with the classic bathroom drop down scene and great multiplayer game modes.

Disney Epic Mickey
Niiiiice!  We’ve been waiting to see something for this.

– Wow, the graphics look really nice.  It’s a stylized 3d world.  Loads of color and familiar characters and locations.
– It seems to be playing like a platformer.
– “Drawing and Erasing” allows Mickey to control the essence of his being.  Players can characters, walls, plants, or restore things.  Players can change the game world.  “Playstyle matters” because how you change your world determines how characters treat you, what they tell you, etc.  You can turn enemies to friends or simply defeat them.
– Sounds really, really deep.  We’re liking this “playstyle matters” line Spector keeps repeating.  It makes sense.
– Woah, Sidescrolling stylized platforming was shown next and it looked really good.  This looks really great.  Check out a video of this if you didn’t watch it because it’s like cartoons with 3d environment.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn
This is really weird and cool at the same time.  It’s Kirby made with yarn and fabric.

– There are some really neat things shown here like pulling the fabric to move the levels.
– Are we seeing Coop play here?
– Interesting use of string and physics.  Potentially a fun game here.

Donkey Kong
The minute they said Retro we knew it was Donkey Kong!! NEW DONKEY KONG COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the greatest news we’ve had all E3.

– Keeping to the classic look and feel of the previous DK Country games it looks like like it has been brought up to specs with new amazing graphics.
– The gameplay looks way polished and updated for this generation.  Lots of new gameplay goodies and even Coop if both of those HP bars were indicative of anything.
– They’re going to outdo Rare with this one.

Nintendo 3DS
This is Nintendo’s answer to all the new 3D tech.  No 3D glasses… hmm.  This is going to be the end of Nintendo’s Conference so we hope they go big.

– Initial appearance is like a regular DS.  Appears to have a thumb slide pad addition just above the D-Pad on the left.  Motion sensor and gyro in the 3DS as well.  Built-in Camera that takes 3D pictures so you can take picture and view them in 3D.  Also 3D movie playing capabilities.  Wow, this is going to be a really “all in one” type device that Nintendo wants to get in the hands of everyone.
– 3D Depth slider right on the DS to go from 3D to any D in between… would be interesting to see games utilize going back and forth and needing to see things in different dimensions but it’s probably just a preference thing.
– Kid Icarus Uprising, a new game coming out on 3DS is being shown off.  These graphics appear to be much better than the DS and that’s without the addition of the 3D.  We’re not going to see the 3D gameplay at the conference.  Doh.
– A lot of publishers will be bringing games to the 3DS.  Saints Row, Kingdom Hearts, Batman, Metal Gear Solid (ON a DS!), Resident Evil, and a lot of other titles.  This is really big news and the developers for these games talking about them appear to be quite sold on the idea of this being a really big step in hand-held gaming, especially given that it projects the 3D image without glasses.

— — —

Nintendo definitely brought something to E3 for everyone.  There are several titles that appeal to us and the 3DS seems like it will be really fantastic.  Despite the technical difficulties, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword looks like it will be the best from the Zelda franchise in years.  Donkey Kong Country and Epic Mickey are also going to be must-buy’s for us.  We’re happy that they stuck (mostly) with talking about games and showing us actual gameplay footage rather than trailers or over emphasizing motion.   Big bonus points to Nintendo for so many first party exclusive titles as well.  Great showing, Nintendo!

  • I think i saw a manically giggling steve jobs in the audience with a backpack full of cisco gear and iPads.

  • Was I the only person surprised to see Link wearing pants and not tights or nothing?

    Skyward Sword looks pretty awesome. For some reason the graphics they displayed don’t look quite as detailed (read: realistic – lack of dramatic/complex lighting and textures) as the early shots for TP, but the colors and styling in the environments feel like an older-style Zelda game. Sure I’ll have to get a Wii MotionPlus, but that’s not a deal breaker for this game.