Demon Hunter Quests and Introduction

Illidari Questline Cordana

I just finished the Demon Hunter questline. I want to talk a bit about it, so if you hate spoilers then come back tomorrow.

First impressions: I enjoyed the quests.

I think Blizzard utilized some of what we can expect in Legion quests during these initial DH questlines. That’s both a nice thing, and a little bit alarming. I ran into quite a few bugs with these scenario and “public quest” type events where I didn’t get credit.

Illidari Lore

In terms of the lore, I like the Illidari. I think their existence makes sense — way more than the Draenei or Panda. What shocked me most was the Cordana and Maiev confusion. I thought that Khadgar’s bodyguard was Maiev Shadowsong all this time. I thought it made sense that Illidan was imprisoned and she now had nothing to do. Nope.

Cordana Felsong

This is not actually Maiev. Oops.

Khadgar’s bodygard was actually Cordana. During the Legendary Ring questline, Cordana succumbed to temptation and turned to the dark side. We see her as a Fel-Warden in the cutscene where she opens the door to Illidan’s tomb inside The Vault. Whew, that confused me.

Maiev had actually been guarding Illidan (sorta?) all this time.

Keen's Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter Class Mechanics / Gameplay

Demon Hunters are a neat class. I think they feel pretty good in terms of mechanics. A rogue meets warrior type of deal. I think their forms are neat, and movement is a big part of how they play.

Visually… they’re freaking awesome. I love the wings that come out with you double/triple jump. The glowing eyes and demon blood tattoos put it over the top. I have class envy for sure.

I don’t know whether or not I’ll actually play one, but having one at level 100 is sure nice. This might be my tank alt.

The Demon Invasion is Upon Us!

The Burning Legion returned yesterday afternoon to once again try and conquer Azeroth!

These invasions set into motion the be beginnings of the Legion expansion, ushering in a new era for the key figures in Warcraft lore. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so if you’re not interested in some discussion about what happens in the first 15 minutes of the Legion Invasion… best not to read the rest of this post.

The Battle for Broken Shore

Both factions head to the Broken Isles landing on the shores in a very fitting D-Day attack (D for Demon). We stormed the beach and wiped out a some easy Legion vanguard.

Crushing a few of their obelisks, we pushed deeper inland following Jaina (as the Alliance). The Legion warped in what appeared to be Star Destroyers along with their usual legions of demons.

We eventually came to Gul’dan who killed Tirion (because he failed as a Paladin and didn’t bubble hearth) and engaged us with Krosus (some big demon dude in a pit of green Legion acid stuff).

The fight mechanics here were silly and didn’t mean much. The Horde was on one side of the green acid pool and the Alliance on the other. We ping-ponged Krosus back and forth and it was done.

Now it’s time to stop Gul’dan from summoning the Legion!

Oops… too late. He does.

Many familiar faces demons have returned, and the Legion is at full strength.

WoW Legion Invasion Cutscenes

Let’s discuss what happened…

The Alliance

First, Mekketorque steals the entire show. What a complete badass! Genn gets a close second.

As the Alliance call in their gunship and bravely fight the Legion, the Horde — who are providing anti-air support up on a ridge — suddenly sound the retreat, leaving the Alliance completely screwed.

As Genn states, “I knew it! I knew we couldn’t trust her!”

With all hope lost (Thanks, Horde!), the Alliance tries to escape, but not before Gul’dan can unleash one final move causes King Varian Wrynn to have to sacrifice himself to save everyone. In that moment he was almost as cool as Mekkatorque.

Upon return to Stormwind, we let Anduin know of his father’s sacrifice. Anduin shows extreme wisdom here wanting to focus on the Legion and avoid being derailed with the Horde, but Jaina is pissed. Hell hath no fury. She teleports away vowing the Horde is not welcome in her city (Dalaran, she’s the head of the Kirin Tor).

Anduin has invited the Illidari (Demon hunters) to help the Alliance… but is it too late?

The Horde

Last we knew, the Horde up and ditched the Alliance… or did they? Turns out, Vol’jin was run-through with a morgul-blade Legion spear and the Legion were surrounding them. Vol’jin pretty much tells Sylvanas it’s time to skedaddle so they do.

Some people were saying that this justified them abandoning the Alliance, but I think it was definitely an uncharacteristically cowardly move on the Horde’s part, though staying wouldn’t have done much anyway.

Back in Orgrimmar, Vol’jin is dying and with his last breath tells Sylvanas she must rise out of the shadows and become Warchief.

Setting the Stage

This will prove interesting. I don’t know how long it will last, but the Alliance is pissed at the Horde for ditching them. Many of them see this as a betrayal, and the loss of their King in that event makes for even more anger.

The Horde wants revenge for the death of their leader too, but their anger is mostly turned toward the Legion.

Will the Alliance antagonize the Horde? Will there be in-fighting among the inhabitants of Azeroth? I’m left wondering how long this can last with both sides going to Dalaran in Legion.

We shall see!

What games come out this Fall?

This year continues to be a great year of games. I’ve put together a little list of my most anticipated games coming out Fall 2016 for you to get hyped about.


Overcooked (Already Out) (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

A fun little couch-coop cooking game where you work as a team to serve up orders before your customers leave. The settings are crazy and ridiculous which makes for lots of laughs.

No Man’s Sky (August ‘X’) (PS4, PC)

No Man's Sky Release Date

Who knows if this one will be delayed yet again. I think we’ve had two delays within the 2 weeks ’til launch window. Despite its shaky timing, I think NMS will be a fun game to hop in and explore a galaxy. This will be a great ‘sit back and chill’ game.

WoW Legion (8/30) (PC)

Not much else needs to be said here. Legion is shaping up already to be the best expansion since WotLK. I’m ready to jump in and have several months (at least) of a MMO to play with friends.


Dragon Quest VII (9/16) (3DS)

Dragon Quest VII

I’m anticipating this to be a great RPG. I’ve never played the Dragon Quest series, but I hope this is a fun place to start.

Yo-kai Watch 2 (9/30) (3DS)

Yo-kai Watch 2 release date

Graev speaks very highly of the 3DS version of the original, and I really liked the iPhone version. This is on my list of games to check out.


Dragon Quest Builders (10/11) (PS4)

My hype is high for this one. I just can’t help myself when it comes to builders.

Battlefield 1 (10/21) (Ps4, Xbox One, PC) 

Now that Battlefield is returning to its roots and getting away from the super-tech of modern warfare, I’m interested again.

Civilization VI (10/21) (PC)

This is on my list because it looks fun enough. I’m not sure if it’ll be an immediate buy, but probably one I make before Xmas.


Dishonored 2 (11/11) (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

I really enjoyed the first Dishonored, so this doesn’t take much selling for me. This falls within the window where I may put this on my Xmas list.

Pokemon Sun/Moon (11/18) (3DS)

Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Date

We get to ride Pokemon. Need I say more? Oh, and it’s Pokemon.


Dead Rising 4 (12/6 – yes, that’s still Fall) (Xbox One, PC)

Graev and I have had a lot of fun plowing through zombie bodies in shopping malls. Dead Rising 1 and 2 were great.  I skipped 3 but Graev enjoyed it enough. These have become so zany and out-of-control stupid, but jumping the shark (literally) is still enjoyable. I’d never play alone, so if Graev gets it with me we’ll play.

So those are my most anticipated games for Fall of 2016. Any I missed that are on YOUR list?

Sea of Thieves Explained (Somewhat)

Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #1

My game of show from E3 was most definitely Sea of Thieves. Despite looking absolutely phenomenal, there wasn’t much in the way of explanation. What is Sea of Thieves? What type of game is Sea of Thieves?

Executive Producer Joe Neate and Design Director Gregg Mayles sat down for their first “Inn-side Story” and gave us lots of details.

Sea of Thieves is a “Memorable Multiplayer Online Game”

Joe Neate coined that phrase, and I love it. Piggybacking off of Joe’s comment about seeing those sails on the horizon, Gregg said they want every interaction with other players to be special. That would indeed be lost by having 30-100 ships on the screen like a regatta.

“Live the pirate life”

“Be the part you want to be”

“The freedom to do what you like”

“Island hopping, sailing where you want, following a map, or doing what you like”

“Willthere be a Kraken? of course…”

“Can I go on quests? Seek treasure? All of those things you expect”

That all sounds perfect. Although they didn’t come right out and give us a perfectly clear expectation of gameplay, we at least know that they intend for this to be at least a moderately open-world pirate adventure where we can explore and “do whatever we want” all while knowing that other players are in the world too… and they’re free to act as pirates.

Sea of Thieves sounds more and more like the game I want to play.

Being more involved with the games that I play

I’m really trying to rededicate myself to getting more involved with the games that I play. For the last 6 years I’ve been disengaged. I log in, I ‘play’ then I log out. But I don’t ‘participate’ in the community, or at least try to go any sort of extra mile.

Back in 2007 when I first started writing this blog, I used to be more dedicated to that involvement. I created the simple yet overwhelmingly popular LOTRO Leveling Guide. 10,000+ people used that guide every month. I felt like I was contributing.

In Vanguard I was writing for the IGN Vault Network and helping run the Vault with guides, news, and information. I was participating more in the overall movement to make that game’s community feel connected.

Prior to either of those games (and this blog) I was always active on message boards and community sites. I contributed guides, writeups, etc.

Games have obviously blown up since then, and a game like WoW doesn’t need a simple blogger like myself to help make its community succeed. But there are niches of people — like those of you reading this blog — who still visit websites like this to get that type of information.

I’ve started contributing by creating videos and little guides/tidbits of info for Hunters. I’m going to expand that to cover information people like me — and hopefully you — would find useful. Experiences I have, knowledge I gain, and information I think you might like to know. Yes, you can get that on other websites, but I hope to foster a sense of small-niche appeal and cover things in a little more personal way.

I know that many of you don’t play WoW. Many of you will probably never play some of the games I want to get more involved in, but I hope you’ll still enjoy the posts and the content. I hope you’ll live vicariously through adventures I share.

I’m doing this because I need this. I need to feel like there’s more to me playing than just logging in, doing a quest, and logging out. I feel more connected to the games when I’m at least trying to make a community or contribute. That says a lot about games and the players — or me — that it’s come to a point where I have to stop and recommit myself. Hold me to it!