PixARK is Really Fun

Yesterday I highlighted PixARK for you guys and told you that I’d probably end up getting it. Well, I did. Oh, and in case you missed the update, PixARK -IS- coming to Nintendo Switch later this year!

PixARK is basically ARK in voxel format with some voxel type gameplay. What does that mean in english? It’s like ARK but has Minecraft tendencies. Further dumbing that down: It’s ark with breakable blocks.

I only played about 2 hours, but I’m already seeing the long-term potential for this to become my “go-to sandbox long-term game” with Graev. We’ve been looking for one of those games we can ‘work on’ together with base building, exploring, hunting, progress, etc.


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We Destroyed the Meteor in ECO!

Last night was the big event! We gathered together to watch the culmination of our work spanning just over 3 weeks. The meteor threatening our ECO world has been destroyed.The…


Nothing to See Here But a Laser Platform

Keeping it short and sweet tonight since I’ve been swamped and busy all day.

We’re planning our meteor destruction party for Saturday 3/3/2018! That’s this Saturday! I’ll probably do a live stream of the action. We’re going to gather for a pre-launch party at 9pm EST and destroy the meteor probably 20 minutes or so into the festivities. Times are subject to change.

A lot’s going into this shindig!

I build the “Laser Command” bunker (as I like to call it) out of reinforced concrete and corrugated steel. Flanking the bunker are two of the four lasers, each resting on a tripod of corrugated steel. On top of the bunker are the two remaining lasers.



Making Circuits & Factories in ECO Game

Crazy times on the ECO server! We’re making significant progress ramping up the technology side of our city. We now have two factories, two blast furnaces, an oil refinery, two machine shops, an electronics table, and we’re ramping up to add a computer lab.

In the next 2-3 days we’ll be adding electricity to the entire city — a much needed luxury since we’re currently making circuits by candlelight.

I feel like I’ve been saying “electricity is coming” for a week now. That’s mostly due to the complexity and inter-dependencies of the profession system.


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