Have You Checked Out ‘One Hour One Life’ Yet?

Have You Checked Out ‘One Hour One Life’ Yet?

One Hour One Life is a game I only heard of today when a member of our community started talking about it on Discord. I watched several videos this afternoon, did a little research into the official website, and thought I would pass along a simply 'check it out' to you guys if you're interested.

The premise of the game is that you have one hour to live your life. Death is a natural component of the game as you die and become reborn. Your first hour in the game is entirely dependent upon a complete stranger to take care of you as a baby. As you age, you'll begin to be able to type more than one character messages, and you'll eventually be able to take care of yourself.


The goal of the game? Create an entire civilization that eventually grows, progresses, and thrives.

One Hour One Life was created by a single person! The solo dev has stated he has quite a bit of content ready to go, and plans to release new content each week as the players progress far enough. 

The premise of the game is truly fascinating.

The art style, though hand-drawn and rough, isn't entirely off-putting. I will admit I did comment in Discord that although graphics certainly aren't everything, these particular art assets aren't my favorite. But it does go back to the idea I've written about in the past that worse graphics tend to make for a better game because the imagination must make up what the game lacks.

If any of you have tried One Hour One Life already, please do share your thoughts.

  • It is stuff like this which makes me check out your blog, otherwise I would never have heard about it.

    I may check it out as it sounds cool, plus I am a sucker for indie games, especially one person labors of love, in this case trying to make it in a non-STEAM market.

    It sounds like prior to playing for an hour you had better go to the bathroom first and shut off your phone as there is no way to AFK, that is 3 minutes away is 3 years in game and you’ll starve to death.

    The main problem I have with multiplayer only games is the rapid attrition of the player base. Do you know if there are any bots to fill in when server numbers are low?

    • He has it where if you are the only person on the server you start as eve and if you die and nobody is still online you are “gifted” and respawn near by where you die so you can keep progressing solo. Though I assume there would always be others playing you can be born too.

  • The forums already have a bunch of threads about the ease of griefing and murderous rampages with a knife or bow and arrow. This already showing up in a game you have to spend $20 for an account in?

    …I assume not many civilizations are going to make it out of the game’s tech equivalent of the Stone or Iron Ages. Especially as more and more people hear about the game through various media.

  • Reminds me of The Realm graphically, but you only have one hour. Am I noticing a switch with you playing short term games lately? Build until you can kill a comet. Play for an hour and die. I sense a pattern.