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We Destroyed the Meteor in ECO!

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Last night was the big event! We gathered together to watch the culmination of our work spanning just over 3 weeks. The meteor threatening our ECO world has been destroyed.

The event was streamed live on our Twitch, and I uploaded the highlights to Youtube for you to view.


We gathered at 9pm Eastern on our Party Pier just outside the Laser Command center. 

Our woodworkers built a nice pier with tables, chairs, and a bar. Our chef and catering team made everything from Elf Tacos to Huckleberry Pie. The bunker was build by a combination of cement construction and metal construction specialists, and specialty glass workers. 

The decor for the bunker and upholstered by our tailors.

The lasers were a combination of electronics, industry, smithing, oil refining, and machinery specialties. Pretty much everyone on the server contributed to the event in some form. That's the point in a game like ECO.

We had to wait slightly longer than we originally hoped because we wanted a nice night view. So once we waited about 15 minutes for the meteor to orbit the world and the sun to set, it was time to fire the lasers!

It was quite a spectacle! All 4 lasers began firing at the meteor, and our world was saved in one glorious eruption of light and meteorites raining down. Really, really cool scene to watch.

Special thanks to all the Keen and Graev Community who contributed and attended. Always more fun with friends.

  • Did the debris from the meteor hit your world at all after you destroyed it? Just curious if it impacted your eco system. 🙂

    • From what we can tell there hasn’t been any implementation of post-meteor effects.

      We’re curious about whether the developers will institute those mechanics or not when the game develops more.

      Also, it could be added via a mod!

  • Hopefully, the make the thing more realistic as destroying a meteor with a laser will just turn it into a massive shotgun. You should have to go into to space attack small ion rockets to it and spend 20 or 30 years slowly nudging it out of it collision course.

    J/K good job (:

    • We were talking about that and betting there will be mods in the future enabling debris, meteor piece collection, and even different methods of destroying the meteor. Perhaps destroying it with missiles vs lasers vs even flying a shop up there!