Surviving and Flourishing in PixARK

Surviving and Flourishing in PixARK

PixARK is my new favorite game. It's like the uldimate sandbox experience, combining Minecraft with Dinosaurs and all sorts of building and gadget stuff that I enjoy.

We have a server for the Keen and Graev Community going. Definitely let me know if you want to join us! We would love to have you.

I want to share some of the progress I'm making. 


Graev and I are building together! We first build a small little outpost so that we could survive the elements and the predators. It turned into a way station of sorts for our friends to also take refuge.

Pixark first house

It was okay, and served its purpose, but we kept running into issues. For some reason, we couldn't build inside the house on one side. We were also right on the migration path of the brontosauruses! It felt like we were on the San Andreas fault line or something because every 2 minutes the place was shaking like crazy. There was also a T-Rex pathing right by us. Naturally, that meant it was time to move.

So I got to work on farming. If we were going to move houses, I was going to make this one even better.

mining iron in pixark

I started digging into the nearby hills and quickly gathered up lots and lots of stone, clay, copper, iron, flint, silver, and sulfur! Using the rocks I was able to make stone walls/roofing so that our new base could be stronger.

As I explored more and gathered resources, I was able to make a workbench. The workbench allows us to make even more complex recipes, and to actually start making things that are quasi-technological.

I discovered that I could build an ELEVATOR! 

So I got to work on this idea of making a base elevator above the ground so that predators couldn't reach us, and brontos couldn't bother us quite as much.

pixark base elevator


We now have a lift that takes us up to our base! This thing is awesome. It can carry up to 700 pounds, and rise/descend on command -- and stop anywhere in between. 

With this new device, we're now safely elevator AND rising in style.

Pixark base in the sky

Our new base is spacious! I plan to make several levels, each accessible by lift. We're going to have a roost for our flying mounts, personal bedrooms for each resident, a greenhouse -- yes, with irrigation piped up from the lake below -- and even access to our fenced-in dinosaur reservation! This thing is going to be amazing. I might even build an elevator system that will descend into the mines!

I was even able to start making my very first firearm and ammunition tonight! We can now defend ourselves with pistols. 

Agh! So much to do in PixARK. I feel like every time I log in I get to make progress towards some epic goal. That's a really cool feeling.

  • God damn you.

    Why did you have to go and introduce me to a game like this.