Nothing to See Here But a Laser Platform

Nothing to See Here But a Laser Platform

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Keeping it short and sweet tonight since I’ve been swamped and busy all day.

We’re planning our meteor destruction party for Saturday 3/3/2018! That’s this Saturday! I’ll probably do a live stream of the action. We’re going to gather for a pre-launch party at 9pm EST and destroy the meteor probably 20 minutes or so into the festivities. Times are subject to change.

A lot’s going into this shindig!

I build the “Laser Command” bunker (as I like to call it) out of reinforced concrete and corrugated steel. Flanking the bunker are two of the four lasers, each resting on a tripod of corrugated steel. On top of the bunker are the two remaining lasers.

The bunker itself houses the computer lab where we will press the “Activate” button and fire the lasers at the meteor.

The meteor will pass right over the top of the bunker and fly northward over the ocean. The bunker faces the ocean and will provide a perfect shot of the meteor’s destruction as it flies over the ocean and safely away from our city.

Lasers to Shoot Meteor in ECO

The bunker’s top floor has reinforced steel-framed windows and an observation deck for us to watch the lasers to their work. Inside the observation deck we have couches, chairs, and refreshments.

Since the bunker was built on the beach, we built a pier (dubbed the ‘party pier’) and extended it over the sand and into the water. The pier will house our BBQ, tiki torches, tables, and a formal get together with food and drink.

Flanking the pier will be floating platforms holding the massive number of solar panels and wind turbines we’ll need to provide enough electricity to power these mega lasers.

The evening should be a ‘blast’ and I hope everyone who has played with us on the server will join us for the fun!

    • I believe once you have constructed the lasers, the platform, met the power requirements, and pressed the activate button, it’s a sure thing.

      Failing to get there in time is the only mechanic for failure that I’m aware of at this time. That said, many people elect to play this game with the meteor disabled altogether, at which point the game becomes a more realistic Minecraft.

      • Is it possible to more or less efficiently build the laser platform or is it more of a pre-designed template/recipe for each component and you choose where to assemble it?

        It might be interesting to allow for more efficient designs and placements to have a greater chance of knocking it out of the sky, or even degrees of pulverizing it with corresponding degrees of potential destruction.