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Is BioWare trying to repair its brand?

Quick little thought for today’s (tonight’s?) blog post.  Greg Zeschuck shifted/moved/transitioned/whatever away from BioWare Austin.  Now it’s probably going to be called EA Austin.  We’re wondering if this is an attempt to help fix BioWare’s name, restrengthening its brand, by distancing BioWare proper from these (mostly) EA dealings.  BioWare has been attached to a lot […]

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Recent Events May Result in a Better MMO Future

The past month has been full of terrible things for the MMO industry: Pitch Black Games closed down and cancelled Dominus, EA laid off 40 percent of the SWTOR team, and 38 Studios closed down with what some are predicting as an industry damaging event.  Michael Pachter, an analyst who I actually enjoy watching, says […]

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