Belsavis and Voss

Belsavis is a planet with rich atmosphere. See the X-Wing-like aircraft flying in the background?

We’ve nearly completed two planets since our last SWTOR adventure log.  Have things changed since the rather lackluster experiences on Balmorra, Quesh, and Hoth?  Read on!


Belsavis is a prison planet divided into areas of low to high security.  As you progress through the planet as a member of the Republic, you help solve the problems with prisoners, guards and their families, and random sects living on this planet.

The questing itself is decent.  The stories are a little bland, but the convenience of having the quests packed into nice little compartmentalized areas makes things efficient.  The downside to this packing in is a lot of mobs you’ll fight just to move around.

We both enjoyed this planet’s atmosphere.  As you can see in the screenshot I took (right), it’s a mix of flora and fauna with some weird mushrooms and alien-looking plants.  There’s even a hint of snow on the mountains.  It’s a tranquil place for being a prison.  Not a bad place to vacation.


Voss reminds me of Azshara and Westfall with its golden plains of grass and rocky mountains.  I love the atmosphere here.

The areas of this planet are so open compared to most other planets.  Getting around is easy.  There are plenty of mobs and questing is efficient here too, but you can get around the mobs you don’t want to fight with little effort.

Where Voss falls short is in the story.  It’s a bizarre mix of mystic tribal nonsense and a plight I could not care less about.  *spacebar*

The monsters are neat, though.  Part of this one area we were in was fortified by this militaristic race and the questing there was great exp.  In one of the pictures above you can see one particular monster that was fun to fight in one of my class quests.


In general, things have improved drastically over the last two planets and will hopefully stay that way until 50.  We’re close to level 47 which means we’ll be leaving Voss soon.  Hopefully we’ll even have some commentary on the new patch coming Tuesday, which should update the open-world PvP on Illum.  Stay tuned!


  • The planet stories have been pretty dull. But I have loved my class story all the way. I’m level 39 and I do find myself skipping the planet’s side quests and focusing the class quest which is starting to make me underleveled for the class quests but it’s so much better than the other quests.

  • @Gringer
    Yeah, I agree about class quest vs. all others…

    What TOR really needed was another quest line…maybe one that started at level 10…a quest line for light side and a quest line for dark side. Some potatoes to go along side that steak.

  • you are going to hate corellia. sorry had to be, said but hey you made it to max lvl in this game so grats dude.

    cya in guild wars 2.

  • @Jim, that would be awesome and if you did the light side quest as empire you could choose to defect to republic, and the other way around if you want to turn empire from republic you can do the dark quest. It would be cool just as an option though, since dark jedis, and noble sith are kind of entertaining 🙂

  • I dont understand how anyone would skip all the planet quests since they reward Commendations that you use to upgrade orange gear, which is by far and away the best gear to level up with and makes it so much more effiecient not having to worry about is my gear under whelming to tackle certain content.