Corellia: Closing in on 50

Graev and I have been exploring the planet of Corellia today as we near the end of our leveling adventure.  We’re a good chunk into level 48, so it shouldn’t be more than a couple of days (max) before we’re 50 and no longer visiting these planets.  I find myself saddened somewhat by the linearity of SWTOR.  There will never be a reason to return to Voss, never a reason to see the snow of Hoth.  That’s why I enjoy taking in each setting, appreciating the details.

Corellia is a planet with some detail!

SWTOR planet Corellia SWTOR planet Corellia tram system

Bioware seems to have saved some of the best atmosphere and scope for the end.  This planet takes vertical immersion and sense of “woah” to new heights.

There are ships docked, crashed, and being worked on everywhere.  The cityscape atmosphere is slightly annoying at times because it becomes a chore to maneuver around buildings and ledges, but it’s worth it to see the sights.  The quests are also nothing special; more of the same killing droids and Imperials, but the class stories are coming to an end — hopefully a good one!

Moving between questing hubs is done via this tram-like transport.  I love how it acts almost like a tour of the city, zipping in and out of tunnels and maneuvering around buildings and track.

Once we hit 50, we’ll give our impressions of each of the Operations and Flashpoints as well as a look at Ilum (which should be interesting, given today’s news).


  • I really dislike the layout of this place. It is like driving in New Orleans, all left turns; 3 miles to travel 1 block away on the map…

  • Yeah the linear nature of the game has sort of bummed me out. I got my Guardian to 40, but I’m struggling with motivation to continue playing him because I’m not a fan of the class really. Been fiddling between a Smuggler and a Sage to see if I enjoy those more, but I realized that I’m just doing all the same quests all over again. Unlike other MMOs I’ve played where you usually have a few options for where to quest at certain level ranges, SWTOR really only gives 1 planet per level range. I’ve been leveling these alts much faster because I just spacebar through all the dialogue, because it’s the exact same quests as my first character – except the story quests of course.

  • You’ll be back on some of the planets for the lvl 50 pve daily heroics if you so choose. There are some nice purple rewards from a vendor on illum if you go that route.

  • @Gankatron As a former Orleans resident… I found that quite comical 🙂 Of course, I just stumbled everywhere so I did not have that driving issue.

  • Slacker!

    Just kidding, way to go! 😉

    And there are reasons to return to planets. Have you all the Datacrons yet? Filled all the lore entries in your codex?

  • I have skipped entire planets and the only planet I actually did all the quests on was my starter planet. I’m 45 now and heading to Voss and I’m happy I have skipped so many quests so I can check those stories out on my alts. Just casually doing space missions, warzones and flashpoints will really open up the ability to skip quests. I don’t see how you could do all the quests and not out level the content unless you are actively trying to not participate in anything other than questing.

    Keen’s complaint of not having any reasons to go back after finishing your class quest is valid though and I’m not really sure there’s a good solution within a themepark game. Perhaps inserting pockets of high level content on old planets? Dailys or maybe some world pvp stuff is all I can think of at the moment.