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LOTRO Reputations

In Book 10 Turbine added a new gameplay feature known as "reputation". Similar to World of Warcraft in many ways, reputation is a number grind to go from neutral to…


Tons of Warhammer Online info from the Indiana GenCon

There has been loads of information pouring out from those who were in attendance at the Indiana GenCon. I found one writeup in particular to be so full of information that I couldn’t resist the urge to share it with you all. There were a few notes in particular worth mentioning.

  • You can’t sit and they don’t plan to change it
  • End-game can be achieved quickly but at the cost of missing content
  • Death Penalty is very forgiving
  • PVE dungeons are done like LOTRO – Stages

Read more to view the entire writeup! It’s a long one. (more…)



I have a new addiction in the form of a massively multiplayer browser game. The name of the game is Travian. "Travian is a browser game with a world full…


Why do great games die?

There are games that have redefined the way we, as players, look at the MMORPG genre.  There are games that have survived over a decade with strong community and player…