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Age of Conan Q&A #1

Loads of information on Age of Conan this weekend!  This is a compiled list of the latest and first Community Q&A.  There's loads of information on battlekeeps, pvp, and gameplay…


LOTRO Housing: Everything you could possibly want to know!

I’m hooked when it comes to MMORPG housing.  DAOC and Star Wars Galaxies had the greatest implementations of any MMORPG housing attempt I have ever seen and EQ2 didn’t do so badly either.  I love owning property and decorating it.  There’s something amazing added to the immersion of a game when you don’t feel as though you are a guest in the world anymore.  It’s because of this passion for housing that I am excited to share with you all a great compendium of LOTRO housing knowledge.  I found this information compiled in one place on Turbine’s official LOTRO boards in a topic called “What we know about housing”.  Enjoy!

  • Instanced Neighborhoods
  • Multiple Housing Sizes
  • The House itself will be buyable, not buildable
  • First Area Being Developed is in Bree
  • Ability to Decorate
  • Items for Houses can be made via Crafting (New recipes)
  • Houses will have extra storage
  • Friends will be allowed to enter
  • To Be Released w/Book 11
  • Possible “Equip” Slots for House Upgrades
  • Raid Housing Trophies
  • Anyone who wants a house will be able to get one
  • No Kinship-only Neighborhoods
  • Possible ability to set entry Permissions
  • 30 Houses per Neighborhood

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A change in Warhammer Online’s Morale System

I found a fantastic interview on WarCry yesterday that features a Q and A at PAX with the Warhammer Online PAX team. In the interview Matt Lowery asks the WAR…

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